Zant (originally from Zelda: Twilight Princess) is a crazy jester from the Twilight Realm, and serves with Vaati as one of Ganondorf's henchmen. His ancestor was Hant, best known as being the final victim to awaken Majora.


Firstborn SagaEdit

He and Vaati were ordered by Ganondorf to deliver the message to Harvey McKenzie in Final Preparations, giving them Darkness Cannons. In the end, they failed, and Zant was beaten by Ava.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Zant was given the task of shrinking the children of Gallagher with Minish Dust, alongside Koume and Kotake. Following Ganondorf's defeat, Zant was chased by Team Brotherhood and Negative Appa. During The Scattered Realms, Zant battled Lehcar, Mandy, Katie, and Scarlet. Following Arceus's defeat, Zant was locked in Brookfield Insane Asylum.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

In First Day, Zant was rescued by Hannibal Roy Bean, who also saved Tornado, but Zant abandoned his sane side and retained his psychotic, animal-like personality. He then began to work for the Brotherhood, which Hannibal now commanded.

In Legend of the Seven Lights, Zant sneaks up on and catches Midna when she's spying on Hannibal and Sartana de los Muertos in Miracle City.


Zant is a very frantic jester, who's very loyal to Ganondorf and will do anything for him. After being locked in Brookfield Insane Asylum, he abandons his humanity and becomes very psychotic and acts like a crazy dog, now loyal to Hannibal Bean.


Zant wields two dual swords, but his skill at them is very low. His frantic personality enables him to move very fast.


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