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Yoshi's Island as it appeared in the game

Yoshi's Island (originally from Mario) is an island inhabited by dinosaur beings called Yoshis. It is also home to little furry monsters called Fuzzies, and the resting place of the Green Fish Talisman.
PM64 Music Lavalava Island03:42

PM64 Music Lavalava Island

Yoshi's Island

It is the first level of Operation: DUTCHMAN.


Paper Mario Music - Welcome to Yoshi's Village EXTENDED10:11

Paper Mario Music - Welcome to Yoshi's Village EXTENDED

Yoshi's Village

At some point in the past, Weiss Guertena visited the island. He created a painting of a hanging Yoshi, based off one of the creatures.


  • Chief Yoshi
  • Spear Guys
  • Gold Fuzzy
  • The Fuzzies
  • Robert Yoshi (non-canon)

Stories It's AppearedEdit


  • In the first version of DUTCHMAN, a Yoshi named Robert briefly helped the group. He was written out of the new version.

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