Yevrah EiznekCm is the son of Ganondorf Dragmire, younger brother of Lehcar EiznekCm, and the Negative of Harvey McKenzie. As was the deal with Lehcar, Ganondorf mated with Rachel's mom's Negative and had Yevrah, so that Harvey could be born. Ganon hoped Yevrah would be just as evil as his daughter, but was greatly disappointed by his kindhearted spirit. Yevrah is Numbuh -363 of the DNK.



When Lehcar was still the ruler of the DNK, Yevrah teamed up with Eeballaw Seltaeb and ventured to the Shadow Realm, to seek help from Giratina. They had the dragon spirit capture Lehcar and seal her in his realm, allowing Yllaw to seize her throne.

Firstborn SagaEdit

Yevrah appears in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, where the main heroes mistake him for Harvey as they arrive at the Negaverse. Yevrah and the Little Traitor Dudes lead them to Mt. Gnaa, where Harvey was likely taken. At some point, Yevrah is captured by Ganondorf and locked under Mt. Malladus, until the heroes come to save him. He accompanies the main group during the Ganon's Revival Arc, in which Harvey is annoyed with his personality.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Yevrah is married to Eigna Etinarg in the future, and has a son named Ynohtna and daughter named Ellehcim.

Other Versions of YevrahEdit

Numbuh Phenon's UniverseEdit

In Numbuh Phenon's universe, Yevrah has the same personality as Gamewizard's. In Operation: OPPOSITE, he ventured to the Posiverse to capture Lehcar and bring her back. When he finally did so, he was frozen by Mother in the end.

Yougotburned's UniverseEdit

Emma's Yevrah

YevraH EizneKcM

Negative Numbuh 363 is a touchy feely kind of person. He loves giving hugs, but hugs are illegal in the world of the Negatives. He is a funny boy and cares about others unlike his counterpart, Harvey McKenzie. He is Anti- Negative Man and often tries to get his sister to be one.


Yevrah looks just like the regular Harvey, only with a "-363" on his helmet. Most of the time, he has a happy expression.


Unlike his opposite, Yevrah is very sweet and caring, and believes in justice and doing the right thing. This personality greatly differs from Lehcar and Ganondorf's, so the two despise him greatly. Yevrah hates his sister for her evil ways and wants to try to teach her differently.


Yevrah has no physical strengths or powers, despite being Ganondorf's son.

Stories He's Appeared InEdit

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