Planet Wisp Wisps

The Wisps on Planet Wisp.

The Wisps (originally from Sonic Colors) are powerful, colorful alien beings who hail from Planet Wisp. They are beings of positive energy, powered by the Fountain of Dreams, and turned into dark beings if the fountain is filled with negative energy. Each different colored Wisp has a unique Color Power to it that only certain people can use. Their leader and creator is the Mother Wisp.


Dimentia wanted to use the negative energy of the Fountain of Dreams to power the Star Rod to awaken Zathura in Operation: GALACSIA, turning all the Wisps into Nega Wisps. Dimentia captured these Wisps to power her machine, which would be used to fuel Jirachi with darkness. But Dimentia was defeated by Nigel Uno, and all the Nega Wisps were turned back to normal.

Color PowersEdit

Light Blue SpeedEdit

Speed Wisps

Speed Wisps can make you run as fast as wind.

Orange RocketEdit

Rocket Wisps

Rocket Wisps make your shoes become rockets and fly you upwards at great speed.

Cyan LaserEdit

Laser Wisps

Laser Wisps transform you into a laser and make you zoom and bounce around at almost light speed.

Yellow DrillEdit

Drill Wisps

Drill Wisps turn you into a drill, so you can dig your way underground. They also help you move freely underwater like a torpedo.

Pink SpikeEdit

Spike Wisps

Spike Wisps can make your body become spiky, and you'll be able to roll like a spikeball or make your way up walls and steep slopes.

Red FlameEdit

Flame Wisps

Flame Wisps can make you a temporary firebender; you'll be able to shoot flames.

Cherry ShrinkEdit

Shrink Wisps are 1 inch tall, and can shrink you down to this height, so you can creep into small places. They are the longest lasting Color Power. (Note: this Wisp was made by Gamewizard2008, not Sega.)

Clear CloakEdit

Cloak Wisps turn you completely invisible, so you can sneak around without being detected. (Also made by Gamewizard2008.)

Dark Blue CubeEdit

Cube Wisps

Cube Wisps make you into a cube when you leap in the air, and come down, creating a massive shockwave that freezes all enemies into cubes.

Green HoverEdit

Hover Wisps

Hover Wisps allow you to slowly float around in the air. One of the least useful Wisps.

Black BombEdit

Black Bomb
Bomb Wisps turn you into a bomb to create a massive explosion that wipes nearly all the surrounding area. (Created by Gamewizard2008, but later used by Sega.)

White DupliEdit

Dupli Wisps allow you to turn into a duplicate of an object or person. Also good for sneaking around. (Created by Gamewizard2008.)

Brown RockEdit

Rock Wisps turn you into a round boulder and allow you to roll around. (Made by Gamewizard2008.)

Ivory LightningEdit

Ivory Wisp
Lightning Wisps turn you into lightning and allow you to swing around metal stems or floating electric beams.

Crimson EagleEdit

Crimson Wisp
Eagle Wisps turn you into an eagle and allow you to fly a great distance.

Magenta MusicEdit

Magenta Wisp
Music Wisps turn you into a note and allow you to bounce across a series of floating notes.

Violet VoidEdit

Void Wisps

Void Wisps are a kind of Nega Wisp, created by the negative energy of the Fountain of Dreams. They remind you of painful memories from your past. It then turns you into a black hole that sucks in everything.

Purple FrenzyEdit

Frenzy Wisps

Frenzy Wisps are the other kind of Nega Wisp (they're purple since purple is the signature color for Darkness). They also show you bad memories from your past. They then turn you into a monstrous dark figure that viciously attacks your foes.

Golden LightEdit

The Light Wisp is the embodiment of all of Jirachi's positive energy. Nigel absorbed this Wisp and became powerful with the Galaxia Sword.

Known Wisp UsersEdit

Stories They AppearedEdit


  • The Black Bomb Wisp is the only of Gamewizard's Wisps that was used by Sega.

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