"But he can't be my Positive! I mean, he's too... quiet!"

-Wehttam to Yllaw, on Matthew

Nhoj Wehttam Atnalamid (Negative Numbuh 1.31) is the Negative counterpart of Matthew Dimalanta. Like many others, his name is slightly unpronounceable, and instead is known by his numbuh.

It is apparent that Wehttam has no feelings for Yin Bean's parallel counterpart, Niy, because he nearly always tells her off. He does, however, have a newly formed crush on Anuledrolf Zenitram, who apparently returns the feelings.


Wehttam looks exactly like his Positive, but the only difference is that, like Negative Numbuh 6.13, his color scheme has changed. Basically, he and Zen switched color palettes; all that is blue on him except his eyes are purple, and his short sleeved jacket is white. On his purple shirt, the number "-1.31" is plastered on it. (Now that I think about it, his color scheme is perfect for a poisonbender XP)


To tell you the truth, Wehttam is nothing like Matthew. He is a loudmouth, and speaks when he wants to, even when others don't want him to, which usually puts his team in a position where they get discovered because of his loud mouth. He is also - unintentionally - very brash, and usually doesn't help you up when you fall down. His only downfall is that when he's excited, his voice gets squeaky, and as high as a girl's.

However, he always seems to be in a good mood, and when he is in a bad mood, you can never tell, because there is always a smile on his face.


Wehttam has only one weapon, but it transforms into a multitude of other weapons when needed, called a D.I.T.T.O. (Destruction In Tiny Terrible Object), which looks like the Pokémon it was named after, which can transform into any other Pokémon at will. He is also a skilled waterbender, as opposed to his Positive counterpart, who is a poisonbender. This is because the first in the Negatar Cycle is Poison, and in the Avatar Cycle, it is Water.

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