This is Wally's most famous line in Wallabee Reversed

Wallabee Reversed is a story by Buddygirl1004.

Wallabee Reversed is a story about Wally when he gets hit by the Delightful Children's Stupid Ray when he and the rest of Sector V of the TND go on a mission to the DCFDTL's mansion.

Wally had jumped in front of the ray so that Kuki wouldn't get hit by it. Instead of making Wally stupider, it made Wally a super genius.

Over the course of the story, it introduces a new threat, the hormone powder, which is designed to make the hormones in teens skyrocket which ultimately results in pregnancy.

Throughout the course of the story, Wally is placed in more advanced classes and ends up leaving for college at the end of Freshmen year.

Wallabee Reversed is the first story of the Wallabee Reversed series.

The next story is Operation: WE TIME TRAVLED.

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