This is the W.R.I.S.T.P.I.E.C.E.

Wearable Radio Investigates Surrounding Terrain Processes Information Enclosing Confidential Expositions

Appearance Edit

The W.R.I.S.T.P.I.E.C.E is the male version of the E.A.R.P.I.E.C.E.. It is a wristband that, when activated, spouts a satelite dish, microphone, and an extendable ear piece.

Controls Edit

Basic Features Edit

In the picture above, you see three black circles, those are used to control the W.R.I.S.T.P.I.E.C.E., each one has a different function. The first one, activates the W.R.I.S.T.P.I.E.C.E., the second one is used so that the wearer can talk into the microphone, and third one is used to activate the advanced features.

Advanced FeaturesEdit

When the Advanced Features button is pressed, the W.R.I.S.T.P.I.E.C.E. extracts a few special tools.

Tool Number 1Edit

The first tool is a laser that can cut through any type of metal and even concrete. It has a distance of up to 20 feet.

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