Victoria. Isn't she pretty? :D

Victoria Anderson is the oldest sibling in the Anderson Family. She's 17 years old. As the oldest, she's viewed as the peace keeper of the family and often the one to resolve fights. Though she's related to a poisonbender and shadowbender, she has no bending abilities or powers that she's aware of. She currently lives in Twilight Town, working at the Shady Inn.


Firstborn SagaEdit

She's in the story Peace Keeper. Leo steals Danika's diary and hides behind Victoria for safety. Victoria resolves the problem and straightens everyone out.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Victoria was able to restore Danika's happiness using an old song their parents used to sing. She and her sisters later show Team Brotherhood the Mirror of Twilight, to the Realm of Shadows.


Danika AndersonEdit

Danika highly admires Victoria for her ability to put up with Leo and his stupidity. Danika usually talks to her when she has problems or needs advice and vice versa.

Leo AndersonEdit

Victoria loves her brother, even though she, like Danika, thinks he's an idiot. Leo loves his sister a lot, in turn. He also calls her Vicky, a nickname nobody but him can get away with.

Brianna AndersonEdit

Brianna relates a bit to Victoria, seeing that the two have similar opinions on things. The two often play video games together.

Payton AndersonEdit

Victoria treats the girl like a princess and is usually the one, next to Danika, to help Payton with her homework.


Victoria is ever wary of the shadow. But she is able to tell Cheshire what to do, unlike most people.


Victoria has long black hair and brown eyes. She wears a black, sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt, and black sneakers.


Victoria likes the quiet and she often daydreams about a tranquil household. She's very smart and wants to be teacher. She's also a pacifist so she's reluctant to fight, but could be capable of it if she was angered enough.

Stories She's AppearedEdit


  • She shares the same name as Violet McCleary's mom, another important OC of Dynamite Girl.
  • Victoria is voiced by Bella Hudson, who plays Violet.

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