Vanilee Steelforge

Vanilee Steelforge

Vanilee Steelforge is a snooty new villainess that is an enemy to the Kids Next Door and a hater of children who are disobedient (and that includes teenagers).

When prune juice was discovered in the playground of Gallagher Elementary School, she invaded the school, took it over and ordered Principal Sauerbraten to have the prune juice mined so that she could know what she was talking about to the other principals at a banquet.

She is a lover of Lord Gauntlet, finding him dreamy and handsome.


(Coming soon)


She has her staff which she considers like a walking stick just for carrying around, and also using it like a bo staff.


She is very similar to Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, while her love for prunes is the same as Prudence from Disney's Cinderella 2 and 3.

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