Vana Warhawk was a former KND operative and a member of the Prospectors. During a mission with the Prospectors, one of their own turned on Vana and Numbuh C-130, shooting them both in the back. The both of them
IMG 0171

Vana Warhawk

were brought back and decommissioned due to the time period it would take for them to heal. The Prospector leader at the time, Nolan York, would be stricken with guilt for his two comrade's fate. The aftermath of the event was shown in the story "Unseen Event."

Vana was from Sector X and was Numbuh 5-10.

Out of MindEdit

Vana is set to appear in "Out of Mind", as a villain known as "Warhawk".

KND: UniverseEdit

Vana appears in KND: Messiah Complex, where she has a low success rate in creating full functional 2x4 weapon.

In 'KND: Justice', it is revealed that Vana along with fellow teammater Stevie Rotorson were killed by Bob Johnson.

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