Trying to tell you is a story by Think Purple 54, and her first story for the KND Fanfiction Archive. It was one of many highschool stories, where the boys desperately tried gaining the courage to confess their love for their crushes and vice versa. The only difference is that Think Purple 54 allowed her reviewers into the story, however without asking their permission.

The story mostly takes place in highschool, when the main characters are all 16. Throughout the plot, the boys struggle a lot during their football practice, taught by a rather pushy coach. The same situation goes for the girls when they practice their cheerleading, both teams doubting their selves various times because of their hard-pushing coaches.

On a side plot, the boys tried getting up courage to ask the girls to the upcoming dance and vice versa. While Nigel was able to get Rachel easily, the main couple that had troubles was Kuki and Wally. Throughout the story, the reviewers appeared in unnanounced to try and help get the two together, while also doing various breakings of the fourth wall. The added reviewers were Fearofchicken13, McQueen 2.0, Sweetness ninja, Wallabee wannabe, and Think Purple 54 herself.

For a time, Ace dated Henrietta in the story, until she caught him flirting with Kuki, making Heinie go to the dance with McQueen. During the dance, the couples confessed their love with each other and Ace admitted to Heinie that he first liked her for her looks, but eventually liked her for who she is after a while of dating.

When it came around the end of the story, Wallabee wannabe asked Think Purple 54 to dance, which she agreed to. Whether this means he has feelings for her, or it's just a friendly dance, is unknown.

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