The Show Must Go On was a story that Buddygirl1004 planned to write, but it has been discontinued.

The Show Must Go On




N/A (discontinued)


Eva Roberts



Character intros:


Main setting:



The story centers around Sector L, and the drama surrounding the news team.

The story start out when Noire Sangsue joins the team from Sector Pa. The team is very wary of the new comer and it takes much time for them to trust her, but not fully. It reaches it's climax when the team has to go to New Veeland.

Prequels Edit

Since this was a story Morgan was thinking about for a long time, she had started writing little prequels to the story.


The one-shot "Shopping" is an Eva and Jack story centering somewhat around their relationship. Eva basically drags him to the Macy's for a dress to Prom.


The one-shot "Bonding" is centered around the relationship between Eva and her cousin, Gabe, also known as Numbuh 74.239. This one-shot shows more of the natural Eva when she is more care-free. It shows that Eva is incredibly geeky.

Who I amEdit

The one-shot "Who I am" centers around Stone and his sister, Lily. This one-shot provides insight of both siblings personalities.


"Papers" is a one-shot surrounding around Jess and Ben. It shows us Jess' personality of her OCD and Ben's forgetfulness.

Mocha LipsEdit

In this story, Ben and Jess are going to Moondollars to get the coffee. They end up kissing under mistletoe that was placed their by Jess' cousins, Muffy and Ginger.

A Friend GainedEdit

This one-shot is still in progress but centers around George and Claudia's first meeting which shows a bit of Claudia's Veela side.

First AttemptEdit

This one-shot takes place during Operation: H.O.L.I.D.A.Y. with Joli Mort and a mystery person. Joli is obsessed with Eva , since she has something that a lot of people want.


Eva: But I don't understand, Tante(Aunt) Elva. How come no one told me?

Elva: I know it's a lot to take in, young one, but when my time is up, you will have to take my place.

Eva: But what if I can't? I'm not fit to do this! I'm not Mia Thermopolis! Isn't there supposed to be some kind of training involved?

Elva: Aye, you have had all the training you need. Everything you've done in your life has trained you for the day when you must take my place. I regret Ellen and I not telling you sooner, but we had to make sure you were kept safe and trained in a controlled environment where nothing could interfere. All the corruption here would have stopped you from reaching your goal years ago.

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