The Path of Scar is a one-shot written by Gamewizard2008, taking place during the Firstborn Prequels. Scarlet Vargas tells the story of her joining Team Gnaa. She finds Dr. Eggman's robots and follows them to Mt. Gnaa, where she explains her hatred for Violet McCleary. Eggman uses his own Meta Machine to make Scarlet a werecat, giving her enhanced powers over Violet's by using a Chaos Emerald. Team Gnaa decides to test her powers by sending minions after her, and she defeats them effortlessly. Ganondorf, not trusting the girl, implants the Dark Flame in her heart, so if she betrayed them, the flame would kill her.

The Path of Scar was published on September 3, 2011.

Differences Between Old and New VersionsEdit

  • Instead of Ganondorf giving Scarlet an "X" scar, he gives her the Dark Flame, which will go out and kill Scarlet if she betrays them.

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