The Moose is the alias of a moose with super powers. The Moose is one of the many villains the original Sector Q faced on a daily basis, usually terrorizing Numbuh 134. The Moose is appears in the story "Sixth Age".

The Moose first appeared in the story "No Spoilers", having been killed off prior to the stories beginning by Figure, who in reality was Numbuh 134.

The Moose

KND: UniverseEdit

In the story 'KND: Stump', The Moose was responsible for Josh Puncture loosing his hand, having knocked him into the crocodile pit.

The Moose is set to appear later on in the KND: Universe as a member of Sandman's Rogues Gallery.

Abilities & EquipmentEdit

The Moose can fly, pass through solid objects and shoot lasers out of its eyes. A newfound ability of The Moose is that it possesses a healing factor.

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