"Sign up for the most dangerous race in the universe! Try your best to reach the finish line without crashing, or at least getting heavily damaged!"

The Great Galactic Race is an action-packed race story that was written while he was writing Monty's Galactic Days, though this story takes place after that. It was his first OC submission story and the spiritual sequel to Truth or Dare: KND Plus Others.


Gamewizard2008 hosted an exciting space race that took place on the many planets of Galaxia, which were the first 7 worlds of Operation: GALACSIA. Fanfiction authors submitted their OCs, who then participated in the exciting space race, along with characters from other shows. Every time they finished a leg, they had to answer questions relating to his series, lest they crash and get knocked out. When Gamewizard heard of The Quads' supposed nonexistence, he ordered his assistant, Nick, to chase after and destroy them. Despite all his efforts, Nick was ultimately defeated and The Quads came in victorious. When it was over, Gamewizard congratulated them and revealed the whole thing was a set up, and offered Morgan helpful advice. Upon the race's end, Gamewizard found plenty of OCs to add to his stories, such as Noah Heart and Cosmo and Nova.


  • Zone 1 - Cleveland, Virginia.
  • Zone 9 - Final Stretch. Boss: Revenge Rider.

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