Arigato, Kuya

"Arigato, Kuya."

Teach Me! is a one-shot written by Numbuh 6.13, taking place in the Nextgen Series. Haruka Dimalanta is pestering her brother, Mason to teach her poisonbending. He kept refusing and saying that girls and poisonbending don't mix. Haruka then told him if he didn't, their parents would ban him from seeing Sheila Frantic. Mason asks why she can't learn from Dad, but Haruka said she wanted to learn from Mason. Haruka then said that he was her brother, and siblings look out for each other. She then hugged Mason, making him blush. When she let go, she attacked him with a Gas Attack, then Mason began to teach her how to bend properly.

Teach Me! was published on November 14, 2011.

Differences Between Old and New VersionsEdit

  • Sheila is mentioned to have poisonbending, but those powers were excluded.

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