Tallest Miyuki

Tallest Miyuki (originally from Invader Zim) was the Empress of Planet Irk before Red and Purple, and was also their mother.
Tallest Miyuki


Red and Purple (sons)




Count Dooku? Percival Tachyon


Monty Uno, Dimentia, the GKND


Spork (deceased), Tachyon (currently)


Planet Irk




Former Tallest of Irk

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Black antennas, bright blue eyes.


Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

She served as the secondary villain of Monty's Galactic Days, ordering her forces around the cosmos to be on the lookout for Monty Uno and his friends. Rather than the Massive being her homebase, her homebase is Castle Irk. Around the end of the story, Tallest Miyuki sent Red and Purple and a fleet of Irkens to kidnap Jirachi, in order to get Monty to come to her base. When the Old Star Wolf Team ambushed Monty and the others, she used her psychicbending to grab Monty's lightsaber through the TV and stab John O'Donnell. When Monty finally faced her in her chamber, she used her psychic powers to control multiple lightsabers at once. In the end, Monty absorbed a Violet Void Wisp, turned into a black hole, and Miyuki was sucked inside.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Miyuki is revealed to be alive in another dimension in Operation: NECSUS. She meets Percival Tachyon when he is banished to that dimension, and the two conquer that world together.


Miyuki is a green-skinned Irken with two black antennas that curl behind her head. She has bright blye eyes with sharp eyelashes. Miyuki dresses in light-blue armor with a very skinny waist area, and wears a PAK like most other Irkens. She wears black shoes and is often seen floating.


Miyuki followed the Irken tradition that adults were superior to kids, and led the Irken Empire in demolishing kid freedom so that adults ruled. She seems to have care for her children, who have some loyalty to her.


Miyuki was a powerful psychicbender, able to sense the location of any other psychicbender across light-years. Her fighting style involved collecting a bunch of lightsabers and controlling them with psychic, making them surround her body as she made them clash with enemies.

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