Invader Tak

Invader Tak

Invader Tak (originally from Invader Zim) is a female Irken Invader, and one of the Tallests' favorites. After being foiled by Zim on Planet Earth, she crashed on Planet Secco. After a while, she conquered the planet and established it under Irken rule. She programmed her SIRbot, FIR (Form Identity Robber) to duplicate her opponents, which she practiced on Orbot and Red.

Following the Irken Empire's fall, Tak remained as Planet Secco's ruler.

Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

She found the Brown Star deep in the Secco Ruins, and used it to power her Skelbot in Operation: GALACSIA. Beforehand, the Tallest sent her after Nigel, and she and FIR ambushed them in the ruins, but was interrupted when Zim and GIR dropped in. Zim, Gir, Tak, and Fir battled Nigel, Ava, and Dib, and were winning until the heroes pitted Zim and Tak against each other. She later made a return on Planet Aquaria, allying herself with Admiral Razorbeard as they worked to get the Dark Blue Star. She double-crossed Razorbeard and dealt with the heroes herself using her B.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y. device, but was defeated once again. During the Invasion of Earth, she attacked Doomsdale, only to be attacked by Zim and Dib. When Rachel McKenzie finally turned the Irken children against the Tallest, Tak joined them in rebelling.

Tak made a small return in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, running the podraces in Tatooine Town on Planet Secco. She is revealed to still be ruler of the planet despite the Irken Empire's fall.


Tak is green-skinned with two black antennas like most other Irkens; except her antennas are swirled. She mostly looks like Zim, except her eyes are purple, and her uniform is a darker purple. She also has a sharp, slanted eyelash on both of her eyes.


Tak is a very spiteful girl with an extreme grudge for Zim. She's always desperate to accomplish her goals and hates being foiled. She seemed very loyal to Tallests Red and Purple at first, but despite this, she still accompanied the others in the rebelling, showing that she was never very loyal. She seemed to form a crush on Dib in the future, and married him.


Tak is an invader just like Zim, but she proves to be much more skillful at everything than he is. She proves to be a convincing master of disguise and proves herself with technology and combat. She seems to have the strength to rule an entire planet, even without the Irken Empire's dominion.

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