Stormtroopers (originally from Star Wars) were once minions of the Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. When both of those Sith Lords died, Palpatine's son, Darth Genious, aka The Brain, made the Stormtroopers his own minions, and they now work for him. Originally they were made as clones as an army for the Rebublic, but it was a ploy from Chancellor Palpatine to have another edge as Sith Lord.

They first began appearing in Gamewizard's series during the Firstborn Prequels, where they worked with Danika and Nolan to capture KND operatives and allies by order of The Brain. During Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Stormtroopers appeared as regular enemies, and came in different variations. During the "Calling All Heroes" saga, when the Stormtroopers were ordered to kill the Junior Prospectors, Gary the Stormtrooper took a stand against the Brotherhood and convinced Captain Rex and the other Stormtroopers (not all of them) to go against them.

Stories They've AppearedEdit


  • Stormtrooper Hostage

    Stormtroopers capturing Gamewizard.

    When Star Wars I premiered at Gamewizard's theater, some cosplay Stormtroopers "took him hostage."