Star Rod

Star Rod

The Star Rod (originally from Paper Mario) is an all-powerful wand that is the main life source for wishes and Galaxia. It was stationed in its pedestal on the Fountain of Dreams, where it absorbed the wishes of children, allowing the fountain to flow. The Star Rod is connected to Jirachi, the Star God, providing as the source for Jirachi's powers, and whoever wields the Star Rod can control Jirachi.


In Operation: GALACSIA, the Star Rod was destroyed eons ago by the Star Spirits, in their attempt to keep Emperor Irk from using its power. The Star Rod was broken into seven pieces, which spread across Galaxia. Nigel Uno helped to recover all Seven Pieces, forming the Star Rod back together. However, it turned out Supreme GKND Leader, Dimentia wanted the Star Rod to control Jirachi and use him to awaken the black hole, Zathura, so that she could destroy the universe and create a new one. Dimentia wielded the Star Rod in her battle against Nigel, but was defeated. In the aftermath, Nigel wished Jirachi free from the Star Rod, preventing it from ever being used for evil again.

Seven StarsEdit

Seven Stars

The Seven Stars

The Seven Stars (originally from Super Mario RPG) are the Seven Star Pieces that make up the Star Rod. The Stars were scattered eons ago throughout the universe, and Dimentia and the GKND have been trying to find them to repair the Star Rod, in order to end the disease of adulthood once and for all. They were the main collectables in Operation: GALACSIA and Monty's Galactic Days.

Monty's Galactic DaysEdit

Operation: GALACSIAEdit

Stories It's AppearedEdit

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