"Squirps is Squirps, squirp." -Squirps

Squirps Koragaline Squirpina (Squirps for short) (originally from Super Paper Mario) is a small, green alien that was brought to GKND around 1,000 years ago. He comes from the Planet Blobule, and claims that his people were great friends with the Wisps.

Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

He was the 4th partner in Monty's Galactic Days. The gang found him in the Outer Limits, where he was trapped in a capsule. The alien then guided them across the Outer Limits to the Whoa Zone, where the Orange Star rested. He then accompanied them for the rest of the story, and was shown to have feelings for Luvbi.


Squirps is a small, green squid-like alien with five worm-like tentacles. He has small sharp teeth and a star antenna on his head.


Squirps is very childlike and playful and loves to eat chocolate. He usually says 'squirp' at the end of his sentences.


Squirps is able to survive in the airless vacuum of space, and he can shoot energy beams from his mouth, but only when someone like Monty squeezes him. His short size allows him to enter small areas.


He was originally going to be paired with Luvbi until Shaunie was chosen as a better pair for her.

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