Skelbot is a half-fossil half-robot monster, who guards the Secco Ruins. When Invader Tak invaded Planet Secco, she found the old fossil remains of some demon and turned it into what it is now. In Operation: GALACSIA, it was powered by the Brown Star and served as the boss of Planet Secco. The main group defeated it using the Laser and Drill Wisps, retrieving the Star and scaring Tak away from the planet.
Zelda Twilight Princess - Stallord02:45

Zelda Twilight Princess - Stallord

Battle with Skelbot


Skelbot is half bones and half metal. It has a huge capsule in the center area that holds the Star. Metal tubes connect the capule to two slots on the head that hold Wisp capsules, and those connect to the red life support system on its head. When its body is gone, its head sprouts two rockets for it to fly around and shoot fireballs.

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