Shot is a member of the Mayhem Squad.


Shot's first chronological appearance is during Sixth Age, where he appears as a member of the Kids Next Door under the Numbuh 5252. During the assault on Jonah Icarus' island, Shot is wounded and rendered a mute.

Years later, Shot resurfaces as a member of Mayhem Squad in the story Agenda. He is shown to be one of the more deadly members of the team while fighting Sector Q and Numbuh 362. In the end fight at the Science Fair, Shot, along with the rest of the Mayhem Squad fought Nolan in their attempt to take the Teen locator. While fighting Nolan, Shot had his helmet ripped of by Nolan who proceeded to knock him out with it.

Shot made a cameo in Through Glass, where he attends the same High School as Merc and Mario.

Shot is scheduled to reappear in His Last Intent.


Shot's armor allows him to shoot lasers out of his helmets circular visor.

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