Sector L

Numbuh 10 and 11.0 doing a news segment.

Sector L is a KND sector that hosts the KND Nightly News, and is located in Los Angeles. They first appeared in Operation: C.O.U.C.H.. The Sector is led by Numbuh 10, who would later appear by herself in Operation: H.O.L.I.D.A.Y..


The KND Nightly News is a news cast specifically targeted for KND operatives. The KND Nightly News is broadcasted at night. The lead anchors are Numbuh 10 and Numbuh 11.0, with the rest of Sector L working behind the camera. One segment that is possibly a regular event on the KND Nightly News is a list of operatives who were decommissioned the day of the news cast.


Nextgen SeriesEdit

The Nextgen Series features a new Sector L, who are descended from the old team.


  • Numbuh 10.11 - Melody is Anchorwoman/Leader. Numbuhs 10 and 11.0's daughter.
  • Numbuh 10.0 - Danny is Anchorman. He is Melody's brother.
  • Numbuh 3rd-Teen - Eric Horvitz is Melody's assistant and part-time archaeologist. He is Numbuhs 13 and 11-Teen's son. He's secretly in love with Melody.

Buddygirl1004's UniverseEdit

In Morgan's universe, Sector L is a tightly nit group of friends who would do anything to protect each other. This faithfulness to each other has earned Sector L's nickname Sector Lion, since they protect each other and they resemble a pack of lions, ready to murder anyone who wants to do someone harm.

Morgan is currently working on a story featuring Sector L titled The Show Must Go On. The story will be about Sector L and the drama that comes with being news producers.

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