Sector $ is a new KND sector on Earth, and the richest sector on the planet, as each member possesses significant wealth. Like many other Nextgen sectors, they are composed of crossover characters.


Numbuh $Edit

Carol Masterson (originally from One Piece) founded the sector, and was formerly an ally of Sector V. She is the Computer Expert.

Numbuh AllowanceEdit

Weiss Schnee (from RWBY) is the swordsgirl, and is the daughter of a Corporate President.

Numbuh InheritanceEdit

Ciel Phantomhive (from Black Butler) is from England and is the owner of the Funtom Toy Company.

Numbuh SpenderEdit

Pacifica Northwest (from Gravity Falls) is the richest girl in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Numbuh Still CountingEdit

Raleigh (from Pokémon: The Movie 19) is the prince of the Azoth Kingdom on Planet Poké. He a Pokémon Trainer and the Technology Officer.

Stories They AppearedEdit


  • Each member of Sector $ has blue eyes.
  • Ciel is the only member with dark hair.
  • Most of the members have compound words for surnames.

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