Super Smash Bros Brawl-Metroid Prime-Menu Theme (All Music) (HD)06:16

Super Smash Bros Brawl-Metroid Prime-Menu Theme (All Music) (HD)

SS Kremlicht Theme

The SS Kremlicht is a large battleship in the Kremling Navy that is the 11th stage in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, performed by Ava, Kweeb, and Kami.
SS Kremlicht


Kops, Kasplats, Robo-Kritters, Klumps


Kami, Ava, and Kweeb

Number of Acts:





The Ocean


Kami, Ava, and Kweeb have to sneak through a battleship to find a submarine to take to Oceanic Base. They sneak through a hall past Kremling Kops, then have to fight a couple Klumps, in which Kami steals their Orange Grenades. They go to the next room where they have to fight off Robo-Kritters and Robo-Zingers. They proceed to a room of large banana crates, which has four drunken Kasplats in the center. They did like before and fough the Kasplats, defeating them. When they walk thr
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Disco Star01:12

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Disco Star

SS Kremlicht Disco Room

ough the next hall, a gang of Kops is coming their way, but Kami spots an air duct and crawls in, followed by the others. They crawl through for a while until they decide to drop out, then keep going through a lower level. They reach a disco room of partying Kremlings, having to dance their way across. The Chaotix Crew spots them, and Vector switches on a defense system, forcing the operatives to only dance on green tiles, for red ones would shoot them. They have to jump up several platforms, each with tricky tile puzzles. The last one makes them dance in rhythem with the Chaotix, slowly dancing over to each other until the kids are able to knock them out. Once they finish, they proceed to enter the room with the submarines.

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