"You didn't hear it from us!"

- Raissa and her twin sister Riana to the Decommissioning Squad

Raissa Azaria Evangelista, aka Numbuh 7.5a, is the 9 1/2 year old 'triplet spy' of Sector R of the Philippine Kids Next Door. She is best known as one of the three members of the triplet spies. She is the gymnastics specialist of Sector R.

Her first scheduled appearance as a minor character is in the pilot, "Operation DELIGHTFUL", and isn't seen again as of further notice. She, along with the rest of the Philippine Kids Next Door, is rumored to be seen as background characters in the upcoming fanfiction.


Raissa has an older sister in the Teen Ninjas and a twin sister in the KND.

Riana Athalia Evangelista Edit

Twin Sister, aka Numbuh 7.5b

Reini Gabrielle Evangelista Edit

Older Sister

Greta Evangelista Edit


Hernando EvangelistaEdit


As a KND OperativeEdit

Raissa is part of one of the best Philippine Kids Next Door sectors, and thus she is particularly famous for being one of three different operatives who are top spies. She is not of a high position, but is seen to take over when she has the opportunity.

She is the only PKND operative who is capable of extremely difficult gymnastics, which included sliding through narrow spaces (not necessarily mouse holes) and reaching into far away spaces without elasticity powers. She is even better than the teen gymnasts of the Teen Ninjas, but dares not challenge their superiority, unless in a competition.

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