"We wreck- We rule" - Rack and Ruin.  

 Rack and Ruin, real names Geoff and Gus Simmons, are Siamese twin brothers, and are the current hand to hand combat specialists for the Prospectors. They are from Sector Q and are also Numbuhs 1/2 & 1/4. They were mocked by almost everyone but a handful of people for their condition. The verbal abuse from everyone led Rack and Ruin to join the Prospectors without a second thought.

Rack & Ruin
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Each other, Numbuh 378, Numbuh 414


Both Male




Quahog, Rhode Island


Both: Active

Good or Bad?

Both: Good

Eye and Hair color:

Both: Brown eyes, black hair

Firstborn SagaEdit

They made their first appearance in the story "Yell?", asking if they should restrain Numbuh 56.8. They appear in the story "Prospector" where they are recruited into the Prospectors.

Rack and Ruin return in the story Ethics, they return to Quahog to ask their former sector leader to lead them after Josh Puncture's premature decommissioning. Rack and Ruin later participate in ambushing Figure. At first when Figure sees the duo, he begins to laugh at them, but is then shot by Rack. The duo then watch in horror as Corey is killed in front of them. When Nolan confronts them to see if they were alright, Rack and Ruin respond in a way that some what references their experience with death.

At the end of Nolan's story in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Rack and Ruin arrive at the battle against the Brotherhood of Evil, in which they were able to avenge Dillon by dragging Madame Rouge to be frozen after Mario, Josh Puncture, and Jinx had her stunned.

KND: UniverseEdit

In an alternate universe, Rack and Ruin are a part of the Prospectors just like their original counterparts. In the story 'KND: Civil War', after the KND is split in three with most operatives going off to follow Numbuh 60 or Numbuh 86, Rack and Ruin, the rest of the Prospectors, and a handful of other operatives remained in the KND. Rack and Ruin, along with the rest of the Prospectors, would serve as tactical support for Numbuh 362.

When the teens invaded the Moon Base, Rack and Ruin proved to be instrumental in the defense of the KND stronghold. Using their unconventional combat skills the Siamese duo managed to defeat several teens and bring Cree to her knees.


Rack and Ruin are connected at Rack's left shoulder and Ruin's right shoulder. They act as each others missing limb in their day to day routine giving them both a better understanding on how the other thinks and acts. Using their familiarity with one another, they are a formidable duo in combat.

Rack and Ruin


Rack and Ruin are based off of Rack'n'Ruin.

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