Rabe Beatles is Numbuh 4's cousin who lives in Australia. She is 15, about 5 years older than him, and a former Teen Ninja. Rabe is a tomboy, and acts just like Wally.


When Wally was young, when he lived in Australia, Rabe would always save him from bullies, and it was her that inspired him to become the tough Aussie he is.

In Operation: DOWN-UNDER, Wally and his family were going back to Australia on vacation, and Wally was excited to see his cousin again. But when they arrived, Wally was disappointed to find out Rabe had been completely influenced by the Teen Ninjas, and she had become a girly girl. She had changed her ways and switched sides in order to get accepted into the Teen Ninjas, so that she could have some friends. Throughout the story, Wally has been trying to convince her to not listen to what anyone else thinks, reminding her of what she told him years ago, to not let anyone push you around. Eventually, Rabe realized he was right, and she switched back to her tomboy ways and helped the KND against the Teen Ninjas.

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