The Playground Ruins is an abandoned field of playgrounds. It is Dimentia's first level in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, and the 5th stage in the story.


Throughout the level, Dimentia is running away from a playground monster that Rumpel Stiltskin brought to life. Along the way, Rumpel and his witches attack her, and Rumpel brings other small playground parts to life. Dimentia soon reaches a small mountain of ruined parts, swinging across high-up swingsets and going down slides. She eventually lands on one of the witch's brooms and flies away from the mountain, followed by the playground monster. She finally reaches a railroad track and gets her foot stuck as the train comes. When the monster jumps at her, she finally gets away, making the monster get its teeth stuck, and the train to run it over. The train, driven by the Eds, crashes into a wall.

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