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Planet Wisp

Planet Wisp (originally from Sonic Colors) is the main homeworld of the Color Beings, known as Wisps. Every hundred years, Jirachi came to this planet when he awakened from his slumber, and always played with his Wisp friends, Gabe and Jeremy (who would later turn up to be 74.239 and Infinity). But during Jirachi's latest visit, however, the planet was destroyed by Malladus Uno. The Star Spirits and the Nightmare King worked together to power Jirachi and the Star Rod with the Nightmare Sword and Galaxia Sword, therefore restoring life to Planet Wisp.
Sonic Generations Music Planet Wisp (Classic)05:36

Sonic Generations Music Planet Wisp (Classic)

Planet Wisp 1

With the mix of Nightmare Power, small green creatures, later called the Irkens, were created, and in a hundred more years, established complete dominion over the planet, led by Emperor Irk. The planet was renamed Planet Irk during that era.

Since the Tallest were defeated, the Irkens and Wisps have lived together in peace. In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, the main group came here to ask Mother Wisp about the Jeweled Scepter's Light Source, at the same time it was being invaded by Gnaa's forces. Planet Wisp is the 40th stage in Firstborn.

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