Pirate Party is Mandy McKenzie's first level in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, and the 13th stage in the story.

Pirate Party


Kannons, Krooks, Klobbers, Kaboings, Tikis, Neckys, Krow


Mandy McKenzie

Number of Acts:





The Boogey Bay has to sail through a Kremling fleet to get to Virginia. At first, she runs back and forth between her ship's cannons to shoot their ships. Finally, she jumps in a cannon and fires to a Kremling ship, then has to fire from ship to ship and take out the Kremlings. She either jumps ships using cannons or by hopping off of winged Tikis, or even both. After fighting through enough ships, she fires back over to hers, however, the giant crow, Krow, wakes up from its nest to starts to attack their ship. Mandy slices it three times before finally knocking it out with her cannon.

Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack Rattle Battle01:39

Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack Rattle Battle

Pirate Punchout!

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