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Payton! She's got a crown on because she's such a little princess.

Payton Anderson is the littlest sister of Leo and Danika Anderson. Though she's related to a poisonbender and shadowbender, she doesn't have any bending abilities or powers to her current knowledge.

Firstborn SagaEdit

She was in the story "It's The Thought That Counts". She was having trouble with homework and Leo pitched in to help, but ended up doing the opposite.

She makes a small appearance in Legend of the Eight Firstborn with the rest of the sisters when Victoria sings a song to heal Danika of her misery.


Victoria AndersonEdit

Her big sister treats her like the little princess she is. Victoria also is the one who usually helps Payton with her homework.

Danika AndersonEdit

Danika adores her sister, even though she thinks she's a bit of a squealer. Even Cheshire likes the girl.

Leo AndersonEdit

Her brother has a major soft spot for the girl and spoils her in every chance he can. Leo is extremely protective of his little sister and wouldn't hesitate to kill for her sake.

Brianna AndersonEdit

Though she's a bit jealous of Payton, Brianna still loves her little sister and would do anything to help her.


Payton's appearance is remarkably simular to Violet McCleary's. She has blonde elbow length hair and big brown puppy dog eyes.


Payton is a cute little girl and is extremely quick witted and clever. She loves her family. She seems to enjoy poking fun at Danika, knowing she can't get too mad. She's dyslexic, so she has a hard time with writing and spelling.

Stories She's Appeared InEdit

  • It's The Thought That Counts

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