Parallax (originally from Green Lantern) is a demonic super-powerful alien being that feeds off


of fear. He is a boss enemy in Legend of the Eight Firstborn. After kidnapping Virginia Sims, Dedede, Mandy, and Escargoon bring her to Vaporia's underside, meeting up with Ganondorf and Gnaa's soul to find Parallax encased in a crystal prison. After performing a ritual, combining Mandy's fearbending with a Nightmare-born soul (Virginia's), Parallax was released from his prison. He is introduced to Lord Gnaa, and then offers to be his temporary vessel, promising that Gnaa shan't be needing him for long.
DotD Soundtrack - Attack of the Golem (2)03:13

DotD Soundtrack - Attack of the Golem (2)

Showdown with Parallax

After Gnaa rests himself within Parallax's form, the fear demon flies off to Chicago where it plans to ruin the city with its fear, which would then restore Gnaa fully as a result.
DotD Soundtrack - Attack of the Golem (3)03:54

DotD Soundtrack - Attack of the Golem (3)

Parallax's Last Stand

During the City Catastrophe, Parallax arrives and begins its destruction. He is battled, and destroyed by The Quads and Numbuh 362, who destroys the Evil Crystal in his brain.

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