Outer Limits


Photons, Warpids, Squirps




Whoa Zone


Professor Zim/Girbot

The Outer Limits (originally from Super Paper Mario) are the very edges of Galaxia, and the 4th world in Monty's Galactic Days. The gang journeyed here to retrieve the 4th Star. They rescued Squirps, who brought them the Whoa Zone, the resting place of the Star.

Outer Limits Stage Theme:

Whoa ZoneEdit

The Whoa Zone is known as the "Space Graveyard". It is a complicated space maze, and the resting place of the Orange Star. Professor Zim ambushed the team here, using his Girbot. When they defeated him, they proceeded to the room with the Star, which had a golden statue of the Mother Wisp herself.

Whoa Zone Stage Theme:

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