Numbuh 7 works as a reporter for the KNN. Nothing else is known as of now.

Buddygirl1004's UniverseEdit

Claudia Cainteoir


Curly, scarlet


Crystal blue


George Cuthail

In Morgan's universe, her name is Claudia Cainteoir.


Claudia is very outgoing and loves talking, hence why they made her the KNN reporter. She is very close to the two other girls.


Claudia has curly, scarlet hair and crystal blue eyes.


Jezebel JonesEdit

Jess and Claudia are always together, usually plotting on how to get a girlfriend for Stone.

Ben LagoonEdit

Ben and Claudia have known each other since forever, their mothers were best friends growing up and they often hung out with each other. Claudia is always teasing Ben about his forgetfulness and often nags him to just have enough guts to ask Jess out.

Jack DanielsEdit

Jack likes to annoy Claudia with his lame jokes, which often gets him flicked in the head. The two are always joking around with each other.

Eva RobertsEdit

Claudia and Eva are cousins. Eva's mother, Ellen, is Claudia's father's, Carson's, little sister. The two are inseparable and both are trying to get Ben and Jess to confess their feeling for each other. Claudia also confessed in Eva about her crush on George and Eva has been trying to get the two together ever since with the help of Jess.

George CuthailEdit

Claudia was one of the first friends George made, they met at school when George was being picked on by some bullies and she ended up beating them up. After that, George started to hang out with her, Ben, and Eva. After a while, Claudia started to develop a crush on George, but he's to shy to tell her how he feels.

Stone SummersEdit

Stone is good friends with Claudia. Claudia and Eva are always trying to get him hooked up with someone, but so far, no luck. They try to help him find someone since his current crush is single but in love with someone else.