Numbuh 11-Teen

Numbuh 11-Teen


Jezebel Jones

Numbuh 11-Teen is Numbuh 10's assistant. Not much else is known about her.

Buddygirl1004's UniverseEdit

In Buddygirl's universe, her name is Jezebel-Jasmine Josephine-Jennette Jones.

Jezebel Jones


dark brown




Ben Lagoon


Ben LagoonEdit

She has a crush on Ben and often likes to poke playful fun at him as seen in the one-shot "Papers". Jess also likes to call him 'Dory' (from Finding Nemo) and when Ben remembers something she likes to say "Congratulations, you remembered something this time."

Eva RobertsEdit

Eva is one of her best friends and the two plus Claudia are really close together since boys outnumber the girls.

Claudia CainteoirEdit

Jess and Claudia are always together, usually plotting on how to get a girlfriend for Stone.

Stone SummersEdit

Jess is good friends with Stone, nothing else is known about their relationship as of now.

George CuthailEdit

George and Jess are good friends and Jess tries to help him to get the guts to ask Claudia out.

Jack DanielsEdit

Jess is always playfully picking on Jack, when she writes their segments she'll put sticky notes about things 'not to say on air' which Jack just ignores and does anyways. One example is in Operation C.O.U.C.H. when he states, "The Common Cold could snot handle Sector Q's 2x4 techonology," Jess had written "Do NOT make any snot jokes about how the Cold could not handle Q's tech." It was written in such a way that the second not was below snot, which is how Jack got the idea.

Muffy BakerEdit

Muffy and Jess are cousins. Jess is constantly trying to help her with her espresso addiction.

Ginger BakerEdit

Ginger is Muffy's younger sister.


She has long brown hair that is usually tied back with a royal blue ribbon, blue eyes, and blue rimmed glasses. She likes to dress very professionally, often seen wearing a blue blouse with a medium length black skirt and black ballet flats.


Jezebel is a very organized girl and has OCD. She has to have everything in a certain order. She also has a photographic memory. She has a love for space.

Gamewizard2008's UniverseEdit

In Gamewizard's universe, her name is Eliza Cherrybush, and she has a crush on Numbuh 13. She believes that Numbuh 13 has potential, as seen in the one-shot "Useless". In the future, she and Numbuh 13 are married and have a son named Eric Horvitz.

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