Poor Georgie....

Numbuh 1-8-5-7 is the backstage worker for Sector L, not much else is known about him or her.

Buddygirl1004's UniverseEdit

In Morgan's Universe, his name is George Cuthail. George is extremely shy but opens up a lot more when in the presence of his team mates. But when he's in school or by himself he likes to shrink into the shadows and not be seen.


George has shaggy brown hair and golden eyes. George also has really big ears and was often called 'Dumbo' when he was younger.


Claudia CainteoirEdit

Claudia was one of the first friends George made, they met at school when George was being picked on by some bullies and she ended up beating them up. After that, George started to hang out with her, Ben, and Eva. After a while, George started to develop a crush on Claudia, but he's to shy to tell her how he feels.

Ben LagoonEdit

Ben and George are best friends. Ben was glad when Claudia brought him over to hang with them since he was the only boy. Ben helps George to be more outgoing and that it's okay to just be yourself and not care what other people think.

Stone SummersEdit

Stone is good friends with George. He helps Ben with trying to make George more outgoing and less shy.

Jezebel Jones Edit

George and Jess are good friends and Jess tries to help him to get the guts to ask Claudia out.

Eva RobertsEdit

Eva and George are good friends. She and Jess are constantly trying to get him and Claudia together.

Gwendolyn CuthailEdit

Gwen is George's older sister by one year. The two are close and Gwen likes to tease George about his crush on Claudia.

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