Nolan York
Nolan York


Novad York (ancestor), Kyla York (mom), Darian York (dad), Dillon York (son), Silica York (granddaughter), Darknull (great-grandson), Cassiopeia G. (descendant)




Danika Anderson, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, Yuki Crystal, Dillon, Mario, Prospectors, Death's Head, Wesley Dodds, Crystal Wickens, Kayla Valera


Darth Genious, Benedict Uno, Madame Rouge, Affright, Bob Johnson, Decommissioning Squad, Delightful Children 2.0, Teen Tornado, Prom Queen, Promethean, Pester, The Moose, Holiday, Dracula, Caesar Clown, Doflamingo Sr.


Danika Anderson


Quahog, Rhode Island




Former Sector Q/Prospector Leader, Sandman II

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Black hair, brown/blue eyes

"He knew you'd do something great in your life. And I know, that everything he thought, he was right." - Kent Nelson

Nolan York (Numbuh 2030) is the former leader of Sector Q and the Prospectors. Nolan was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, and apprentice to Darth Genious, but after his betrayal from the Brotherhood, he rejoined the KND.

Nolan cont.


The KND, Prospectors, Danika, Kayla, Wesley Dodds


The BOE, Madame Rouge, Brain, villains, killing

Other names:

Numbuh 2030, Locksmith, Limplegs, Captain Cripple, Sandman, "Sandman II: Now It's Personal!", Darth Ferior, Sandy, Sandyman, Noley, Batman (during Halloween), Lingering Sandman, Q's Legacy


Fighting evil, serving the KND, becoming Sandman's successor

Voice actor:

Jensen Ackles

First appearance:

Declaration of Intent (2011)




Gem of Dreams, Armament Haki

Distinctive sign:

Scar on his right cheek and left wrists




2030 TrilogyEdit

Nolan was born in Oregon. In the story "Crutch", an eight year old Nolan moves to Quahog, Rhode Island after the death of his father. There, Nolan winds up meeting Sector Q while fighting a teen villain known as Teen Tornado. Nolan is immediately accepted by Sector Q after helping them clean up the park they fought Teen Tornado in. A week after Numbuh 112's decommissioning, the Sector Q treehouse is attacked and Nolan is taken captive by a freed Teen Tornado and Prom Queen. Later, the two remaining members of Sector Q risk their lives to save Nolan, resulting in Numbuh 1772 being crushed by a falling ceiling and having to be prematurely decommissioned.

Later, Numbuh 414 offers Nolan the chance to join the Kids Next Door, a offer Nolan quickly accepts. A month later, during his graduation ceremony, Nolan runs into Numbuh 414 one last time before his decommissioning.

In the story "Another Friend Lost", Nolan ran into Dillon, learning he was in fact a teen operative. The two agreed to remain friends and parted ways only for Dillon to be hit by a runaway bus. Nolan held Dillon in his arms as he died.

Two years later in the story "Agenda", Nolan had become the leader Sector Q and entered into a relationship with his teammate Gwen, Numbuh 58. Sector Q was chosen by Numbuh 274, to be the team assisting Numbuh 362, Rachel T. McKenzie, in her investigation of the splinter cell. During such events, Nolan's old friend Mario, now acting as his informant, was captured by Numbuh 3.14 and beaten savagely by the Mayhem Squad. Mario most likely would have been killed if not for the timely arrival of Sector Q. After gathering enough intel, the operatives decided to turn it over to Numbuh 274, only to be knocked out by Numbuh 501, who was the master mind of the whole ordeal.

After awakening and being untied by Numbuh 86 and Rachel, Nolan revealed a secret compartment in his shoe concealing a single M.A.R.B.L.E. which they used to escape. The team would then engage Numbuh 501 and her teens at the annual science fair. Nolan then fended off the Mayhem Squad from acquiring the teen locator. Nolan then contemplated what action he should take with the teen locator with it's usefulness to decommissioning, he destroyed it.

After refusing to join the KND decommissioning squad, his team leaving to join the squad, and his break up with Gwen, Nolan sat down beside Dillon's grave attempting to find some closure to the events that have recently taken place. Nolan eventually found a resolution and thanked Dillon and walked off to combat Prom Queen and her teens.

Through unknown events, Nolan created the KND sub group known as the Prospectors and helped a time traveling, dimension hopping, freelance peacekeeping agent take down Jonah Icarus. Nolan would then comfort a dying Megan. Nolan would leave the Prospectors in the hands of his trusted second-in-command Josh Puncture, to help guide the new Sector Q recruits, more specifically Rack and Ruin, Dillon's Siamese twin brothers.

In the story "Yell?", he briefly appeared, taking out a lawn chair to relax as Numbuh 56.8 ran around and babbled crazily.

In the story "Prospector", Nolan realized that no matter what happened, Rack and Ruin wouldn't be accepted by their peers. Nolan called in Josh to see if he wanted to recruit them, giving Rack and Ruin the opportunity to be around those who'd understand them.

In the story "Ethics", after Josh was injured beyond belief, Rack and Ruin approached Nolan and asked him to resume the role as leader of the Prospectors. Nolan became acquainted with two new operatives and one veteran from the first team. Nolan's first assault against the murderous teen Figure resulted in disaster with the death of his friend Corey Sanderson.

Nolan later uncovered Figure's identity through a small amount of clues and from the recommissioned Mario. Nolan and the remaining Prospectors would then confront Figure and his two hired guns, Ghost and Clarence, at the tallest building in Virginia. The battle resulted in a one on one showdown between Figure and Nolan, only ending with Figure pushing Nolan to nearly kill him.

In the one-shot, "Prelude of Intent", Nolan was tricked by Ava (who pretended to be Numbuh Infinity) to disable Moonbase's defenses, allowing the Irken Armada to lay their siege upon the world. Before he could get systems back up, he was caught by Fanny and her troops. Nolan escaped via escape pod and tried contacting Numbuh Infinity, but ended up calling Red and Purple by accident, who spilled the beans that it was Ava masquerading as Infinity. He landed near Gallagher Elementary, where Lizzie jumped out in her L.O.C.K.A.H.-S.O.C.K.A.H., accidentally crushing Nolan's legs. While the Irken Invasion went on, Numbuhs 58 and 59 came down, grabbed him, and brought him up to Moonbase in their ship.

After a small argument with the two officers, Nolan was able to convince them to let him go in "Declaration of Intent". Upon landing back on Earth, the broken-legged operative was surrounded by several KND troops. He was then saved by The Brain, who offered to let him join the Brotherhood of Evil, to which Nolan accepted, as shown in the one-shot, "Evil's Intent". As a result, The Brain gave him a special wheelchair that shoots missiles, nets, etc.. He was also paired with his new partner, Danika.

Firstborn SagaEdit

The Shadow and the Disabled

Danika and Nolan in "Shadow and the Disabled"

In the one-shot "My Little Aliens", he, Danika, and a bunch of Stormtroopers went after the aliens, Cosmo and Nova, searching for them in Emily Matthews' house. While Dani and the Troopers went to search the house, Nolan watched and had small talk with Emily before they left.

In the one-shot "The Shadow and the Disabled", Nolan and Danika chased and captured Marine the Raccoon, relaxing on the beach and getting to know each other.

In Operation: DEATH-EGG, Nolan and Danika were sent to take down Kami Drilovsky, but failed. The two then hired Cad Bane to help them attack the Arctic Base, but ended up failing again. When the three of them were in Bane's ship above Earth flying through the warzone of the Golden Death Egg invasion, they saw Ava in her Heart Star. Nolan tried to shoot her down, but Ava ended up shooting them down.

In the one-shot "The Starry Night", Danika brought Nolan and Bane to a forest area after their blunder at the Death Egg Fleet. Danika brought him to a romantic pond area where she forced him to swimming, which he couldn't do because he was handicapped, but Danika just held onto him. The two nearly kissed before Brain called.

He and Danika watched Ava and Kweeb in the one-shot "Size", and Nolan was eager to start his revenge list. Danika only suggested they go for Lizzie first.

In Final Preparations, Nolan finally got his revenge on Lizzie when he, Danika, and Madame Rouge captured her and Herbie. He then tried killing Ava downtown later, and succeeded in capturing her. He fought alongside the other villains later at the base, and was attacked by Johnny and Plank when the Plank Army burst in, but Danika saved him. When Nolan was with the others of Gnaa's legions at the end, he added Plank to his revenge list.

Nolan fears that everyone he cares about will disappear one day, and he won't be able to save them, as revealed in "Nolan's Nightmare", but Danika assures him that nothing bad will happen.

Legend of the Eight FirstbornEdit

Throughout the Quest for the Firstborn, Nolan has mostly been struggling between right and wrong, and has been receiving nightmares from Morpheus that relate to past troubles in some way. The Brain has also been trying harder to manipulate Nolan, using his anger and hatred towards those past troubles to keep him on the Dark Side, as his apprentice. Through most of the story, Nolan has gone on missions with April and Danika, and the three of them are referred to as "Team Brotherhood".

Nolan eventually realized that Brain was lying after Midna revealed that Brain zapped Danika with a Darkness Cannon. After saving Danika, and venturing to the Realm of Shadows, where Danika claimed Midna as her Firstborn, Nolan made his decision to take the "Road to Dawn". When they arrived back at the Final Brain, Nolan decided he was going to go back to KND Moonbase and try to make amends, and to do so, he unfreezed Numbuhs 58 and 59 from their ice sculpture state so they would arrest and bring him before Numbuh 362 up on Moonbase. After briefly explaining his story to Numbuh 362 and the others, she agrees to give Nolan a second chance and let him back in the Kids Next Door, much to Gwen and Doug's dismay. However, his time as a returned operative didn't last long as he unknowingly allowed some Teen Ninjas into the Moonbase, allowing them to shut off the Moonbase defenses, resulting in a siege upon the base by the Brotherhood, in which the Brotherhood conquers the base. Feeling that Nolan is the blame for this, Numbuh 362 banishes him, and he returns to the Brotherhood of Evil, just in time for their invasion.

During the invasion, Nolan sees the horror the Brotherhood is doing to the world and turns against them, rescuing Gwen & Doug from certain doom. He later encounters Madame Rouge at Quahog Graveyard, and she reveals to him that it was Brain who was behind most of his past troubles as an operative, and it was Rouge that killed Dillon. Nolan engaged Rouge in battle in attempt to kill her, but when he finally has his chance, he decides against it, merely demanding she leave the graveyard. Sometime after, he, Danika, and April locate the last remaining heroes from the worlds, and Nolan names their team the Dimensional Prospectors. The eleven of them infiltrate the Final Brain and encounter the army of villains in the arena. They're overpowered at first, but Wesley Dodds later arrives with more heroes, and after saving the frozen heroes, they have the Brotherhood defeated in minutes. Darth Genious, however, was able to evade capture, and demands that Nolan York come up to face him alone. Nolan faced Darth Genious as the Sith turned himself into a child again using Jirachi's magical Dream Water, gaining the Keyblade, "Road to Dawn". After his battle, Nolan's wheelchair plummeted off the Final Brain's balcony and was destroyed. He tried to talk Revan Sidious into coming back to the Light Side, but Revan refused and pelted Nolan with Force Lightning. When Gwen and Doug came to his rescue, Revan decided to kill them first, imagining them as Jen and Eddie from his childhood.

Due to the Force Lightning, Nolan suddenly gained mobility in his legs, but only slightly. He was able to walk over, grab Revan Sidious, and throw him over the balcony's edge, where he hit the ground, and then was crushed under the fallen Palpatine statue. Nolan was about to fall, but Danika and April rescued him. As they lied him down, Gwen and Doug apologized for being the fault of his turn to the Dark Side. Nolan made a small speech about how he learned to accept the darkness inside him and control it. He said how people may likely be against him, and was hoping Danika would stay by his side. Danika promised that she would, and the two embraced in a kiss. Later after, they all returned to Moonbase, where Nolan, Danika, and April were given KND medals of honor, and was officially reinstated as an operative. Nolan then exclaimed that they should go to Lime Rickey's, and everyone agreed.


During Nolan's high school years, he met Crystal Wickens and befriended her as she joined his Teens Next Door group. The team went on a mission to stop the Candy Ring, a Teen Ninja organization, and were successful. In Zen and Intent, Nolan and friends celebrate their victory over The Candy Ring as Nolan gives Crystal his lunch. Nolan later goes to his house and uses a potion he had been developing to help him walk. His friends walk in on him shirtless, causing the girls to swoon over him. They had come to take him to the Sooper Convention Center, where they and other operatives watch a video from The Figure.

Due to Arceus's attack and the restructuring of the universes, a few denizens from the worlds, namely those of Mushroom Kingdom, ended up on Earth with no homes. Six years after the Firstborn Quest, Nolan commissioned GUN's help in giving a piece of land in Oregon to those creatures, thus creating Roguetown.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Nolan Teens

Nolan in his Teens

During his teenagehood, Nolan learns Haki from Wesley Dodds, and he is told the story of Caesar Clown, a man who kidnaps children for experiments. By the time of the Nextgen Series, Wesley Dodds and Larry Oldman had sadly passed away, and Nolan was chosen by Wesley himself to be his successor as Sandman. Through unknown circumstances, Yuki was also chosen to be Mr. Oldman's successor as Frosty Coldman, and the two now work side-by-side to fight villains, most of them formerly Brotherhood villains who have escaped.

His Last Intent Character Dump 1 (2)

Nolan Age 22

In the future, Nolan York and Danika Anderson get married. They move into a new house back in Quahog, and later have a son named Dillon Ramsey York, who was named after Nolan's deceased friend, Dillon, as well as his friend, Mario's surname. Dillon was also a shadowbender like Danika, and his shadow was named Mario. After hearing stories about his father's adventures as a KND operative, Dillon was eagerly excited to follow in Nolan's footsteps. Nolan is also the adoptive father of Vanellope von Schweetz.

In "The NEW Adventures of Sandman and Coldman", Nolan and Yuki were first seen in their new alter-egos as they had to battle Puppet King and XL Terrestrial to save people from a movie theater.

In the one-shot "Picture", Dillon makes a picture of Nolan, Danika, and April when they fought the Brotherhood of Evil.

In the story First Day, Nolan sends Dillon off to his first day of Arctic Training. He and Yuki then go into their superhero personas as they stop Teen Tornado from robbing a bank, freezing him solid. When he returns home, he worries if Dillon might end up on the same path as he did, but Danika tells him not to worry. When Nolan and Danika take a nap, Nolan dreams of Darth Genious saying that Dillon might end up on the Dark Side. When Dillon returns home, Nolan tells him that he can't go to Arctic Training anymore, and Dillon gets angry. Nolan then meets with Crystal Wickens at The Q, wanting advice from her, and she suggests he reason with his son. Nolan returns home to tell Dillon why he banned him from going, and Dillon explains how he wants to be a great operative like him. Nolan apologizes and decides to let Dillon go to Cadet Training again.

Nolan makes a cameo in Operation DUSK, married to Danika, alongside the other husbands and wives that have come to the Uno home due to their kids gone missing.

Nolan makes a cameo in The Son of Evil, in which he, Yuki, and Crystal try to stop the rampaging Nerehc, but the Negative child defeats them.

In Operation: SCARY, Nolan went trick-or-treating with his son and his friends for Halloween, dressing up as Batman, leaving Yuki and Crystal to patrol town. When Jack O'Lantern suddenly appears, Nolan leaves his son to try and stop him, much to Dillon's disappointment. As they chase Jack, Nolan falls off a building. The Curse of Monsters is spread afterwards, and Nolan turns into Batman for real, giving mobility in his legs. That's when Dracula ambushes Nolan, and the two battle for a short time. Dracula is about to bite Nolan until Danika shows up and keeps the vampire back with a cross. Nolan then runs off to The Q to seek help from Mario, and tells Dillon not to get involved, but Dillon doesn't listen as he comes to help Nolan against vampires.

Later, after Dracula takes over Nightmare Land, Nolan and Darkrai are captured and are about to be drowned in milk. They are saved by Jar Jar Blinks, then Nolan has to make his way through the Dungeon of Horrors. He eventually escapes, at the same time as his son & friends, and they return to Earth to stop Dracula from marrying Danika. Mario then gives Nolan a special sword made from vampire repellents. They confront Dracula at Gallagher Elementary, in which they end up in a poorly-written song orchestrated by Dracula. Danika eventually escapes on her own, and Nolan and Dracula settle their conflict on the school's roof. Dillon assists in the battle by shining the school's spotlights on Dracula, making him weaker for Nolan to attack him. When Crystal Wickens sends the Patronus Charm through the clocktower, weakening Dracula, Nolan finishes him by stabbing him with the special sword. Afterwards, he and Dillon make up and finish their trick-or-treating.

In Code: XANA, Nolan entrusts Dillon with the HEAD-SET II, which Dillon uses to enter the virtual world. When Dillon comes home the next day, he overhears Nolan saying he never wanted a son. Dillon becomes angry as a result and returns to the virtual world. When Dillon comes home that evening, still angry at his dad, Nolan explains the reason he said that was because he was a terrible father, and that he really cared about Dillon.

In Operation: FROST, Nolan is about to go on a mission during Christmas Eve, to which Danika tells him he should spend time with the family. When Nolan is about to decline, Peter Griffin appears and forces them back in the house, not wanting another father/son cliche story. At the story's end, the family is peacefully having dinner.

In Operation: CLOWN, Nolan, Yuki, and Wiccan (Team Hero) battled some Quintuple Threat Triads, and when Nolan returned home, he was in time for Danika's new dinner schedule. The next day, as the sun set, he told Vanellope to go out and look for Dillon. When he and Team Hero went out for patrol, they found Vanellope still searching for Dillon. Nolan pulls her up to the rooftop with them and questions where Dillon is, but Vanel responds that she can't find him. They all return to Dillon's house as the Murphy parents are asking if Danika's seen their kids. They eventually learn that the kids were taken to Punk Hazard and venture to the island, in which Aeincha of Sector W7 stows away with them (and also led the rest of her team there as they crash somewhere on the island). Team Hero breaks into Punk Hazard as Crystal later tells Nolan that Caesar Clown owns this base, and Nolan remembers Caesar from one of Wesley Dodds' stories.

After Nolan learns of Punk Hazard's origins, he encounters General Vergo, who was his father's old commander. After Vergo reveals he betrayed Darian York to Darth Genious, Nolan and Vergo battle, but Vergo comes victorious. Nolan is imprisoned with Dillon and his friends, and their cage is dangled outside as Caesar blows up his Smiley creature, which starts to swallow the island in Bang Gas-Z. Nolan and friends escape with Aeincha's help, and they get back to Caesar's room as Nolan engages battle. Using Armament Haki, which Nolan learned from Wesley, Nolan is able to punch Caesar despite his Logia defenses. Caesar retreats and lets his troops battle them, along with the brainwashed Mocha. They defeat the enemies as Nolan tries to make a cure for Caesar's NHC10 toxin, using Mocha's blood sample, and having help from Haruka. Meanwhile, he sends Crystal, Yuki, both KND teams to save the captured kids and destroy Caesar's Devil Fruit factory. After a short time, Mocha recovers, and Nolan's punch knocked her back to normal. Nolan gives them the counter-toxin as they go to aid Team Dillon.

When the Bang Gas-Z comes, Nolan retreats into the nearby trash chute, finding an old diary from Gerald Robotnik. He then hurries off and encounters Caesar in the hall before he attempts to kill Mocha. Nolan reveals his true name as Caesar Dimalanta, and the mention of his true name causes him to lose his Airless World power. Nolan chases Caesar to the elevator room, and they engage in their final battle as Caesar merges with the Bang Gas-Z and becomes Shinokuni. Using a chi-blocking Impact Dial he got from Aisa, Nolan defeats Caesar successfully, and his traitorous minions put him in chi-blocking cuffs. They all escape Punk Hazard through the secret underground tunnelway that Caesar uses for deals, taking a route that conveniently led to Virginia. The KND comes to take Caesar away as Nolan tells his former henchmen that they can go back to GUN, because they aren't hunting metahumans anymore.

In The Great Candied Adventure, Nolan and Danika drive Dillon to the airport in Cleveland so he and his friends can fly to Azultown and start their adventure to find the Eight Sugary Wonders. When the Raccoon Pirates split up to train, Haruka comes to Nolan and asks him to take her to Nightmare Land so she can train with Darkrai. Nolan watches as Darkrai injects her with various Nightmare Toxin, becoming worried at her well-being, but Darkrai assures it's what she wanted.

Seven Lights SagaEdit

“Darth Genious and Madame Rouge were some of the worst people I could’ve met… and I’ve always wished I could forget them. But then I realize… if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have gotten where I am. I wouldn’t have met Danika, and… I definitely wouldn’t’ve had Dillon. The point is, whether they’re friends or enemies, everyone has a major importance in someone’s life. But even if you wipe our memories of them, everyone leaves some kind of legacy behind. Holiday and those guys’ criminal record, my son… those are the things you can’t erase.” -Nolan to Doflamingo Sr. (src)

In Legend of the Seven Lights, Nolan was looking over his files of Quahog's criminals (Holiday, Promethean, Fanatic) and is utterly confused why he doesn't remember them (except Affright). When Danika mentions Caesar, he recalls Dillon's story of Tachyon capturing Caesar, Mom working for Tachyon, and Mom being a Corporate President like Doflamingo, who was a Caesar customer. So that night, Nolan sets off for Civic City with Yuki and Crystal. They break into a Toys 4 Grab to interrogate guards about Caesar Clown and Doflamingo, though his chosen guard provides him with less-than-useful info. They then speak to the talking toys who reveal to have been people before Doflamingo captured them. To gain info on his whereabouts, the team must talk to the toys at Freddy's Pizzeria, but to survive this store, they must first go to Warbucks Mansion and speak to a Yipper.

The team concludes that night while Nolan goes to Madame Rouge, requesting her to retrieve blueprints for the mansion, which she complies, bringing said blueprints the next night. Nolan informs his friends they aren't trying to cause a disturbance at the innocent mansion, and asks Wiccan to sneak in on her own to turn off the alarms. Wiccan ends up battling Affright inside, so when the outside guards suddenly rush in, Sandman and Yuki follow after and find them shaking the next minute. They find Wiccan unconscious in an art room as she confirms Affright's appearance, but Sandman deduces he's gone by now. They locate Annie's room and meet the Yipper, named McGillicutty, whom is a fan of Numbuh 2030 and decides to tell all he knows about Freddy's, including The Puppet which controls the animatronics. With all these notes, the heroes return to Civic City as Nolan downloads the restaurant's camera system and sneaks inside, telling his friends to stay on the roof and keep playing the interior music. Using the notes he got from Yipper, Sandman navigates his way around the restaurant, avoiding the animatronics and eventually finds The Puppet's room.

A power surge unfortunately happens and The Puppet escapes and battles Sandman. Using the cameras of that room and careful dodging, Nolan out-maneuvers The Puppet, manages to get ahold of him, and comes victorious in the battle as he rips Puppet's head off. Freddy Fazbear ambushes him, but Wiccan and Yuki freeze him in place, having come in after the power surge. Wiccan unfreezes Freddy's head so the robot can confirm they weren't humans anymore, they were Hollows. Foxy the Pirate Fox comes in next and explains how they came to be trapped in robotic husks, then made into toys by a girl with greenish hair, which Nolan discovers to be Doflamingo's daughter, Sugar. The animatronics try to turn against Team Nolan, but Emily Dickson suddenly flies in, enraged as she's looking for her son, and kills the animatronics with her Ghostly Wail. She leaves before Team Nolan leaves and goes separate ways for the night. Nolan returns home and informs his wife and son he's going to Dressrosa tomorrow, and when Dillon curiously asks why, Nolan briefly explains the deal with Sugar making people toys and everyone forgets those people. He then goes to the Sandcave to research Dressrosa so he can make plans.

The next morning, Team Nolan stealthily glides onto a ferry headed for Dressrosa, arriving on the island as tourists. Nolan trusts Yuki with dressing as a guard and infiltrating the Toy House, while Nolan radios him passwords and the names of officers. Unfortunately, Yuki falls into a trap and Nolan loses communication, then he and Wiccan are caught by Diamante. Sector V's C.O.O.L.-B.U.S. flies overhead, so Nolan and Crystal grapple to it and escape their gunfire. Sector DR begins attacking the aircraft, but become distracted when Sugar's toy curse suddenly wears off and the town goes in an uproar. Sector V seizes the moment to fly to the castle, where Nolan glides into the throne room and deals the first punch against Doflamingo. Nolan openly despises Doffy's reasons for erasing people's memories of others' existence, and reasons why he wouldn't even want to forget enemies like Brain or Madame Rouge. Nolan's clash against Doflamingo begins and continues in the sky of Dressrosa, battling on the strings of Flamingo's Birdcage, but Nolan succeeds in defeating the evil king as his Birdcage disperses.

Doflamingo survives and attacks Nolan from behind, but Cheren Uno appears in his Demon State and, despite Nolan's interference, kills Doflamingo himself. Nolan claims credits for the kill so Cheren doesn't get in too much trouble, and after things settle down, the trio leaves Dressrosa. That evening, they go to Nine Rivers Country to get information from Ted Wassanasong, another Corporate President, but as they try to sneak into his country club, the heroes are ambushed and knocked out. Nolan wakes up in a dark office, greeted by Hugo Strange, apprentice to the World Leaders. He tries to persuade Sandman to their side, but Nolan refuses. Hugo reveals to be the one who trapped the souls at Freddy's into robots, and animatronics of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica appear to attack Nolan.

Team Sandman is locked in CIA Langley, but they get rescued by Carol Masterson, using her expert hacking skills. Carol lends a copy of Mr. Game-and-Watch to Nolan to use on his missions. Team Sandman is later forced to collect Riddler Trophies from previous levels, but once finished, they are given a mission to retrieve contanimated milk bottles from wagons in Raiders' Valley. Sandman keeps a few bottles for himself and decides to take them to Haruka to analyze the poison. While she is doing so, Team Sandman has to take Kami Heartly to G.U.N. H.Q., because her daughter was kidnapped by GUN agents. At the H.Q., Brett Gunkan tells Nolan about a secret hideout Hugo Strange may have in a magic city called Magnostadt.

When they return to Haruka, she had called Caesar Clown, who confirmed that the chemical was Lazarus. With Haruka and Kami in tow, their journey would take them to Pueblo de Niebla, where Carter Pewterschmidt mines Lazarus. At Niebla, Team Sandman ends up helping the Spirit Kids Next Door against the invading Heartless. Nolan mostly fights with Maka Albarn against Hank Hill, who uses his darkness to infect Sandman's gadgets. Sandman is able to attack Hank in several weak areas, until Maka kills the Heartless. When Team Sandman is about to fly to Magnostadt, CP10 attempts to kill them, only for the KND to intervene. When Team Sandman gets to Magnostadt, they find a girl named Index, who demands food in exchange that she'll lead them to Hugo Strange's secret hideout. The team follows her request and is brought to the hideout as promised.

In Strange's hideout, they find the crystallized body of Zeref the Black Cloud, along with several containers of shadows and Magic Dust. Dr. Strange attacks them with a magic suit as his hideout reveals to be an airship. Team Sandman is rescued by Sector SA, consisting of Nagisa, Morgiana, Goombella, and Index herself.

During the Battle on God's Domain, Nolan attempts to talk to King Andrew and remind him of his true nature as Numbuh 100, who loved and would protect the Kids Next Door. Andrew showed signs of redemption and was about to hand Nolan the Octogan, only to trick him by forcing the gem's overwhelming power over Nolan and gravely injuring him. Andrew knocks Nolan off Mt. Mariejoa, but he is rescued by Cheren and healed via the Ocarina of Time. Cheren happily tells him that he doesn't want Nolan to die just yet.

In On The Way, Nolan has a dream with Madotsuki. He wakes up and realizes that Vanellope invited Mary, Ib, and Mado's spirit to a sleepover. On a later date, Nagisa Shiota asks to be Sandman's temporary apprentice, to which Nolan takes him up on the offer seeing as Dillon expresses disinterest in an apprenticeship. Nagisa and Nolan would then develop a substance called Antikill, which could KO people without injuring them.

In Seven Lights: The Last, Team Sandman joins the Kids Next Door to the First Dimension. Accompanying Dillon, Carol, and Vanellope in Bore Space, they are ambushed by Sōsuke Aizen, who makes an illusion of cutting Nolan in half. Nolan recovers from the illusion as they learn Dillon was taken captive by Madara on Planet Twi, and is under the ninja's Genjutsu. Nolan requests Yuki to return to Earth to grab Kayla, intending for her to snipe Diwata Uno, whom Madara is using to control Crest for the Genjutsu. Meanwhile, Nolan has Jessie Sidney's help in sneaking into Dillon's dreamscape Awesome City to ambush Madara. Dillon frees Midna from her Egg Chamber, and together they fight Madara. While they manage to destroy Madars's physical body, his shadow attempts to possess Dillon. Nolan enters Dillon's Subconscious with the Gem of Dreams, but he falls under Madara's Genjutsu.

Nolan appears in his own dream world, eating dinner with his family and friends, also learning that Dillon Simmons and Corey never died. The dream is interrupted by Revan Bane Sidious, whose will begins to control Nolan's body while the latter is "asleep." "Revolan" (as he now calls himself) uses psychicbending to battle Madara's Eye, until Madotsuki arrives to put the eye to sleep and subdue Revolan for the moment. They return to Hivebent victorious.

Newborn EraEdit

In The Horrorverse, after Nolan brings Dillon to school, he meets Crystal at The Q. Crystal is considering giving up the vigilante act and thinks Nolan should, too. Unfortunately, the world is suddenly taken over by Affright, who uses the power of Horror's Hand to spread fear across the world. Nolan and Crystal learn that all the KND treehouses have been pumped with Fear Gas, and nearly the entire KND is trapped in nightmares. Nolan tells Crystal to find Haruka while he goes to James Woods Elementary to rescue Dillon - all the while being followed by the "Ghost" of Revan. Nolan defeats Holiday in the school and rescues Dillon, Maddy, and Zach, taking them all to GUN.

After Nolan and Brett Gunkan learn what Horror's Hand is, Nolan decides to seek help from Pirate Emperor Mandy, knowing she is a Logia fearbender. Nolan infiltrates Mandy's fleet at Port Rivera and encounters Nagisa. They locate and interrogate Mandy, wherein Nolan engages her in a dance as they fight off pirates. Mandy explains having sold Horror's Hand to Taneleer Tivan, and rather than helping them, Mandy orders Nolan to uncover traitors in her crew. He and Nagisa discover a traitorous Bokoblin, and in return, Mandy drops two hints that could help Nolan: Academy City and Kelvin Renbourn.

Nolan decides to go to Academy City, Japan, a town that celebrates benders and metahumans. He quickly discovers a dead girl in an alley and determines the cause of death. He shortly meets Mikoto Misaka, the sister of the victim, who reveals that it was one of thousands of clones. As she gets to trust Nolan, Misaka explains how her sisters are being killed for an experiment, and Nolan decides to help her save them. The two successfully rescue three Sisters in the city before Nolan receives a call from Caesar Clown. Caesar invites him to Academy Studios. Nolan and Misaka infiltrate the studio and find Caesar with another Misaka. It is then revealed that Misaka was one of Caesar's creation, called Misaka Worst.

Caesar injects Nolan with Bang Gas, causing Revan to take over his mind again. Misaka uses her lightning to snap Nolan back to normal, and they battle Misaka Worst. They defeat the clone, and Nolan promises to save the other Sisters as he takes Worst to GUN. Nolan then gets a call from Ciel Phantomhive, who invites him to his manor in London, with the promise of info on Kelvin Renbourn. Nolan gets to London and makes his way to the manor, defeating Phantomhive's servants. Ciel orders his butler, Sebastian Michaelis to battle Sandman, and the latter relies on Revan's psychicbending to defeat him.

Ciel then assigns Sebastian under Nolan's employ to infiltrate Noah's Ark Circus, which is run by Kelvin. After doing battle with the circus performers, they are shrunken and carried to Renbourn Manor. The heroes escape their cage upon arrival, and they confront the twisted Baron Kelvin inside. He reveals to have Haruka trapped in a cage. Kelvin traps Nolan and Sebastian in a cage as he tries to kill them, but they fight back and defeat him. Ciel suddenly arrives, making Kelvin excited, but the baron is horrified to see the new form his "moon" had taken. Sandman truly deduces that Ciel is a demon, and after they kill Kelvin, Ciel orders the destruction of the mansion. Nolan insists they must rescue the children, but when Ciel argues against this, Nolan calls him a demon.

Sebastian allows Nolan to save the children before he would destroy the manor. After doing so, Haruka is hospitalized in GUN. With few other leads to follow, Nolan decides to track down the Ice Cream Men that are kidnapping kids. This mission happens to lead him to Dr. Aya Drevis, who was the one that revived Baron Kelvin. Nolan and Crystal confront Aya in her forest cabin in Germany. They battle Aya and her maid, Maria, along with a giant spider doll constructed from various body parts. The battle is won and Aya and Maria are arrested. However, the doctor hints to having entrusted her "secret recipe" to another group.

Nolan then decides to track down Misaka's sisters before they are all killed. After rescuing a few, he and Misaka go to meet Accelerator, who had been attacked while the Misaka clone he was protecting was kidnapped. The three of them track the clone to a building where they encounter Doflamingo Jr., the one responsible for starting the experiment, and the Level 6 subject, Shadow the Hedgehog. Nolan watches Misaka and Accelerator battle Shadow, and the fight ends when the other Sisters arrive and decide they will no longer take part in the project. Shadow withdraws, and Nolan punishes Doflamingo by spanking him.

With that, he decides to help Mandy track down the traitors in her crew. The mission proves successful as they pinpoint the center of the operation at a lone candy store. Nolan and Nagisa break inside and witness the revival of Sherry Linlin, the original captain of the Big Mom Pirates. Before Sherry could kill the intruders, Mandy drives her mad with fear and forces Sherry to go on a rampage in search of doughnuts. After finishing these missions, and rescuing his other friends from Riddler's challenge rooms, Jack Skellington appears in GUN H.Q..

Jack reveals that his father is being held captive by Taneleer Tivan, and so they go up to Knowhere where he resides. They learn there are more Riddles on Knowhere, and it is where Danika is being held captive. The two solve all the Riddles and have one final race with Riddler before Danika is saved. The two kiss, but then the wife brutally attacks him upon learning he was using Formula Q. Afterwards, the two make it to Tivan's museum and rescue Darkrai. The terrified Nightmare King explains the origins of Horror's Hand, how it was Darkrai I's first creation and his first "son." The king was beyond scared of what he created and sealed him in a hand.

The group returns to Earth with Darkrai in tow and find GUN H.Q. under attack by Affright's Nightmares. During the battle, Caesar Clown reveals that he created a Revan-Revan Fruit, made of Revan's DNA, and had secretly fed it to Nolan. He injects Nolan with Bang Gas to make Revan's mind take over again. Revan battles Brett Gunkan and ultimately kills him. Nolan snaps back to consciousness, and burdened with guilt, he decides to lock himself in GUN.

In his mind, Revan feels guilty for killing Brett, and Nolan uses this guilt to control his other half. He is then rescued by the friends he had met on this adventure, including a restored Dillon York. After Nolan explains his situation, he learns that Madotsuki was the one who saved Dillon and used the Gem of Dreams to reach them. Nolan asks Madotsuki to help Haruka while the rest of them go battle Affright's forces in Cleveland. Nolan and Jack confront Affright as they attempt to reason with the spirit of Horror's Hand. The spirit fails to listen, and Nolan is trapped in a nightmare where his loved ones express their hate for him. However, he is comforted by the spirits of his deceased friends, along with Anakin Skywalker.

The Jedi spirit reveals a way to help Nolan defeat Affright: if the spirits of his friends enter his mind, his psychicbending can be amplified to the absolute max, but doing so will cost him his life. Nolan chooses to do this, and by facing death, he had nothing else to fear, and this would enable him to beat Horror's Hand. With Revan to lend him his aid, Nolan becomes Darth Ferior and battles Affright. In the climax of the battle, Nolan expresses how the Kids Next Door will always prevail, even if the world hates them. Affright fires a beam at Cleveland, but it is blocked by Darkrai. Darth Ferior uses the last of his psychic power to bring down the jack-o-lantern blotting the sun. Affright attempts to destroy it, but it crashes down on him, destroying Horror's Hand and ending the Horrorverse.

His power completely drained, Nolan lays dying. He tells Dillon he is proud of him and all the kids before turning to dust. All Nolan's friends attend his funeral, and a statue of him stands in the KND Memorial Cemetery, alongside other fallen operatives. In the Spirit World, Nolan has one final talk with Revan as they truly come to peace with each other. With that, he goes with Dillon Simmons and Corey Sanderson to join the Spirit Kids Next Door.


KND: UniverseEdit

"My name isn't Nolan now... it's Numbuh 2030." -Numbuh 2030

Nolan York


Novad York (ancestor), Mrs. York, Unnamed Father, Darknull (great-grandson), Cassiopeia G. (descendant)




Prospectors, Death's Head, Wesley Dodds, Crystal Wickens, Kayla Valera, Nigel Uno


Jonah Icarus, Benedict Uno, Affright, Bob Johnson, Decommissioning Squad, Delightful Children 2.0, Teen Tornado, Prom Queen, Promethean, Pester, The Moose, Holiday




Quahog, Rhode Island




Former Sector Q/Prospector Leader, Former Sandman

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Black hair, blue eyes

In an alternate universe, Nolan is still a member of the Kids Next Door, being the leader of the Prospectors. The events of Crutch and Agenda have taken place in this universe, keeping most of Nolan's back story intact. This version of Nolan is different from his original counterpart in many ways, being a morally dodgy operative who is willing to do anything for the 'greater good'. He primarily goes by his code numbuh during his time in the KND, both verbally and mentally, only being referred by name by others.

Nolan had taken his code Numbuh from the number designation from the helmet he wore during training exercises in Arctic Training, also reluctantly gaining his nickname 'Locksmith', due to taking his time in cracking locks.

In the story KND: Civil War, Nolan is one of the few operatives to remain in the KND after many operatives split to join either Numbuh 60 or Numbuh 86's own organizations. Nolan is later tasked by Rachel, along with Numbuh 202, to act as tactical support for her out in the field.

After Numbuh 86's roup took control of a number of KND satellites, Nolan leaked information to his teen operative 'Joker' that the satellites were vulnerable to an attack. Nolan continued his metaphoric chess game by predicting that the teens would attack the Moon Base and had Numbuh 20/20 prepare the Moon Base's defenses. When the remaining teens led by Cree managed to enter the Moon Base, Nolan greeted them before the Prospectors and several other operatives beat them down.

Later on, Numbuhs 99, 91, 59, and 58, now NKO operatives, invaded the Moon Base, their ultimate goal to bring Nolan down for wronging them. Nolan would confront them, only for a heated argument to erupt. The NKO operatives would easily take down Numbuhs 832, 72, and 10.01. Before Nolan could engage his former teammates in battle, a team hired by Father called the Delightful Children 2.0, invaded the Moon Base and began to attack both the Prospectors and the NKO operatives.

Nolan would engage the Delightful Children's sniper in battle. As the battle escalated, the leader of the invaders Natalie Crespo and the sniper forced Nolan to show them to the C.O.D.E.M.O.D.U.L.E. On the way, Nolan had his H.E.A.D.S.E.T. hack into Numbuh 362's command key, giving him control of all of the Moon Bases' functions. Utilizing his new ability, Nolan managed to escape from them with the C.O.D.E.M.O.D.U.L.E. in tow.

Nolan returned to the landing bay, only to be assaulted by Numbuh 58. As Natalie entered the hanger and threatened the downed Prospector leader, Numbuh 202 walked in with a giant bubble blower that Nolan claimed to be a giant laser cannon. As the Delightful Children 2.0 retreated, the KND operatives mused over how they had duped them, only for the NKO operatives to remind them they were still there. Nolan then ordered Rack and Ruin to take care of it. The Siamese twin brothers threw the four operatives in a trash pod and jettisoned it.

Later, after the end of the Civil War, Nolan would be one of the many operatives at Lime Rickey's. Numbuh 10-Speed slipped him a USB drive that held unknown contents. Nolan would later see Numbuh 202 and try to strike up a conversation with her, only to find out she was currently dating Numbuh 101. Nolan left the kids bar and accidentally ran into a girl named Kayla Valera. Nolan then gladly led the way to a secluded soda bar.

In 'KND: Artifice', Nolan met up with Kayla again and shared a meal with her. Nolan then asked her if she had a boyfriend, resulting in her asking him if he had a girlfriend. As Nolan saw her off, Nolan brought up the idea of hanging out again. Kayla then kissed him on the cheek and said it would be a date. For the first time in so long, Nolan was actually happy.

Nolan returned in KND: Legion's Shadow, being called in to consult on Legion's reappearance, due to Nolan's involvement in bringing the deranged villain in the first time. During the course of the story, Kayla regretfully continues to work for Father, aiming to gain anything that would assist in the Delightful Children 2.0.'s assault on the Moon Base.

After Nolan is hospitalized by Legion, Kayla reads passages from the Book of KND to Nolan, triggering memories from a mission involving Jonah Icarus. Using the USB cable he'd acquired from Lance, Nolan discovered that a prophecy in the Book of KND was the same one that drove Jonah Icarus. Despite his body being filled with nightmare toxin, Nolan got up to find Numbuh Infinity to answer his questions. While doing so, Nolan left his H.E.A.D.S.E.T. with Kayla, unknowingly giving her the tool Father needed.

Nolan barged into Numbuh Infinity's office and proceeded to beat the diplomat for information. At first, Numbuh Infinity denied everything. When Nolan restated the prophecy in the Book of KND, Numbuh Infinity told him he'd send him a memo. As Nolan exited the office, all of the rooms in the Moon Base went into lock down.

Nolan quickly returned to the medical wing where he left Kayla, only to find that the Delightful Children 2.0 had boarded the Moon Base. Nolan returned to the Prospector room, hacking his way into the room, and took up a gas gun, ammo for his G.U.M.M.E.R., Edward's sonic gauntlet's he received after his decommissioning, a gas gun, and a shotgun like 2x4 weapon.

Nolan confronted the Delightful Children 2.0 and the Decommissioning Squad in The Vault where the C.O.D.E.M.O.D.U.L.E. was being held. He entered the room, finding Gwen having Kayla at gun point. Nolan shot Gwen's weapon out of her hand and checked if Kayla was alright. Doug then revealed Kayla's true allegiance. Natalie put dirt in the wound by adding that their entire meeting was orchestrated. Kayla apologized for her deception and joined her team.

Having accepted Kayla's betrayal, Nolan took notice of his H.E.A.D.S.E.T. having been the tool used for the Delightful Children 2.0's entry. Nolan activated the H.E.A.D.S.E.T.'s self-destruct, having it explode in Natalie's hands.

Nolan then fought the Delightful Children 2.0, in the process being stabbed by two knives in his left arm, being beaten by a guitar, singed, and beaten down repeatedly. Nolan eventually defeated all of the Delightful Children 2.0 and stopped Gwen from fighting Kayla. Nolan then silently assisted Kayla in loading her beaten team into their boarding craft. Nolan saw Kayla off before leaving to get the Moon Base out of lockdown.

Later, without receiving the antidote to the nightmare toxin, Nolan jumped into the Ferris Wheel cart Kayla was riding in order to talk to her. Nolan questioned Kayla if their entire relationship was just an act. Kayla admitted it originally was but her feelings for Nolan were real. Seeing there would be no possibility to continue their relationship with each of them being on opposite sides, Nolan handed Kayla a piece of paper with a phone number and told her to call him three months after his decommissioning if she felt like continuing.

A year and two months after the events of Civil War in the story KND: Plummet, the day before his thirteenth birthday, Nolan visits the spot where an old friend of his was killed. As Nolan reflected on his impending decommissioning, Numbuh's 99, 91, 58, and 59 arrived to take him in early. As they asserted that he would run out on his birthday and called their actions just, Nolan shot back on how he's one of the last who should be accused of treachery in the KND. After this, Nolan was knocked out and taken away to the Moon Base to be decommissioned.

Before being decommissioned, however, Numbuh Infinity spared Nolan of having his memories erased in order to serve a purpose in Numbuh 1's return, much to Nolan's chagrin.

However, as revealed in 'KND: Rebirth', Nolan had in fact been spared being decommissioned by Numbuh Infinity and Numbuh 74.239, having known a piece of information. Nolan would return to a normal life outside the KND. After the death of Wesley Dodds by Bob Johnson's hand, Nolan would take up the mantle of 'Sandman'.

In the story 'KND: Affright', one month into being Sandman, Nolan figures out that a friend of his, who'd been pushed to the brink by bullying, had taken up a costume himself and began calling himself 'Affright' modeling himself after Legion. Nolan would confront his friend on Halloween at school and thwart his plot.

Nolan appears as the main character in the story KND: Aggressive Tendencies, taking place 2 1/2 years after the events of 'KND: Civil War', where over the course of seven days, Nolan grows into the role of being Sandman. During the story, Nolan also has trouble keeping a stable relationship with Kayla, ultimately admitting his love for her and vice-versa.

Nolan fought many members of his rouges gallery: Teen Tornado, Soulless, Affright, Holiday, and Bob Johnson over the course of the story, being pushed both physically and mentally to his limits. Nolan had been beaten down, fought a mob of anti-Sandman protestors while under the influence of Affright's nightmare toxin, and even buried in one of his oldest friends graves. Nolan eventually avenged many of his friends deaths when he defeated Bob Johnson, breaking every bone in his body and sending the weapon he used to kill his victims to the German Consolute.

In 'KND: Prelude', Nolan as Sandman, attacked Affright working a new batch of nightmare toxin, and proceeded to beat information out of him. As he left, Affright commented on how they were alike. Nolan turned around and stated that at the end of these events, Affright would lose his purpose.

Nolan returned in 'KND: The Society', where he and several other like minded individuals, including Soulless, Rack and Ruin, and Josh Puncture, were brought together by Numbuh Infinity, with the intention of creating a force that would prepare for Numbuh 1's return, forming The Society.

In the story 'KND: Passive Tendencies', taking place six months after 'KND: Aggressive Tendencies', Benedict's first act of President is too outlaw the KND publicly, resulting in the destruction of the Sector Q tree house by Promethean, despite Nolan's effort as Sandman. His watch later goes off, realizing he's late for his date with Kayla, he takes off running. He eventually arrives, only for Kayla to leave do to having business to take care of. Nolan eventually notices Holiday causing mass destruction and rushes back into action.

Days later, after finding out that despite all that Bob had done, the sniper was a free man. Nolan, as Sandman, angrily confronts Bob while he is at the teen head quarters in Quahog, where he contemplates killing Bob, opting not to do to remembering everything Wesley Dodds had taught him years ago. Nolan does, however, break Bob's arm so he could hold a gun.

Later on, Nolan, as Sandman, visits the scene where Bob was killed, deciding whether to look into his death or not. By this point in time, Nolan and Kayla's relationship is strained due to her secretly trying out for Bob's spot as Benedict Uno's number one assassin. Nolan later defends his schools new student, Crystal Wickens, from Gwen and her cronies, his reasons being that he doesn't want someone else ending up like Affright.

Affright later publicly announces that he would taint Rhode Island's water water supply with his latest and most lethal nightmare toxin if Sandman wouldn't meet him. Nolan arrives and confronts Affright, only for Affright to inject Nolan via dart with his nightmare toxin. Affright presents Nolan with the antidote and leaves him with an ultimatum, take the antidote and save himself or not and he won't pollute Rhode Island's water supply. Nolan simply takes the antidote and destroys Affright's vial of the toxin, preventing him from carrying out his plan.

Days later, Nolan looks into trying to end the teens hold over Quahog. Nolan, as Sandman, is approached by Crustal Wickens, who'd taken up a a costume and began to call herself 'Wiccan'. Nolan easily figures out who she is, due to her having dark purple hair, and then they both agree to work together to bring down the Teen Cell run by Gwen.

In the middle of a stake out, Tornado, formerly Teen Tornado, takes the Mayor and two others hostage. Both Nolan and Crystal defeat Tornado and leave. Due to injuries sustained in the fight, Nolan's gas mask falls off and his identity is revealed to Crystal. Nolan pays no mind and tells her that she earned that much.

Two weeks later, Nolan and Crystal, as Sandman and Wiccan, ambush Pester and many teens during a shipment drop for the Candy Ring, the black market that was run by Gwen's teens. After they take their leave, Crystal questions Nolan on why he just doesn't kill his enemies. Nolan does not answer and departs.

Later, after looking to Mario and Kent Nelson for guidance in his dilemma, Nolan returns to Crystal to finally bring down Gwen. First, they assault Mary D. Luis, a high ranking teen officer. There, Nolan observes Crystal's eagerness to get information on Gwen's whereabouts, even threatening to kill Mary.

Nolan and Crystal later infiltrate the teen hideout, where waiting form them are Gwen, Doug, Garret, Catherine, and Promethean. With the combined efforts of both Nolan and Crystal, they manage to subdue Promethean, leading to the for KND Traitors and former Sector Q operatives to use lethal force. Nolan manages to subdue Garret and find a ledger that contained all of the information on the Candy Ring, enough to finish both Gwen and her Teen Cell.

During the fight, Crystal wound up having Gwen at gun point. Nolan approached Crystal and tried to get her to not pull the trigger, having the evidence to punish Gwen more than death could. Crystal begrudgingly pulled the gun away in order to knock Gwen out with it, deciding that Nolan was right.

Later on, as Nolan slept, his dream was invaded by an agent of Benedict's, Dr. Dream a man who used a mystical gem called the Gem of Dreams to enter his dream. Morpheus kept Nolan from referring to himself by his first name. Nolan defeated Dr. Dream and banished him from his mind by taking away the Gem of Dreams, resulting in Dr. Dream to become brain dead.

As Nolan awoke, he found the Gem of Dreams on his bedside.

Weeks later, after Kayla had become Benedict's new assassin, Nolan and Crystal, as their alter egos, returned to Brookfield Insane Asylum to return Tornado after he'd escaped. An armored figure attacked the Asylum, freeing Bloody Mary, Promethean, Holiday, and Garfield Schurr. The armored figure proceeds to kill Tornado just before Nolan can confront him. The figure catches Nolan off guard by revealing to him that he knows who he is. The figure takes off, leaving Nolan to fight Bloody Mary. Nolan manages to defeat her, but not after she manages to impale his left hand with a shiv. Nolan later has his wound patched up.

As the escaped patients and prisoners from the County Jail ravaged Quahog, Nolan and Crystal set off to stop them. Leaving Crystal to handle Pester, Nolan moved to bring down Holiday, who'd locked himself in a church with hostages due to it being National Day of Prayer. Nolan manages to subdue Holiday, but not after being stabbed in his left shoulder. Despite not being able to get his wound treated, Nolan continued on to bring down Garfield Schurr, a pyromaniac who'd set up shop at Quahog's Zoo.

During the fight with Garfield, Nolan wound up in The Moose's pen. The Moose kept Nolan from escaping as Garfield set the pen on fire. Nolan used the pen's drinking pool to put out the flames, burning his arms in the process. Most of Nolan's equipment had been destroyed, only saving smoke grenades, the Gem of Dreams, a grapple gun, tracer gun and Soulless' scanner. The Moose took notice of Nolan's actions in saving his home. The Moose lifted Nolan out of the pen in order to stop Garfield.

As the police hauled Garfield away and without tending to his injuries, Nolan would be informed that Pester was still at large. Nolan confronted Pester and fought him, his army of rats having only little effect, questioning him on Crystal's whereabouts in the process. Pester handed Nolan a note before retreating, the note being from the armored figure: Monger. Monger had taken Crystal hostage and demanded Nolan meet him at Quahog's cliffside.

Nolan, using the small clues he'd been given from the note and from earlier, figured out who Monger was, much to his dismay.

Despite blood loss, aching muscles, burnt arms, and his loss of will, Nolan continued. He would be confronted by Monger, Gwen, Doug, Garret, and Catherine, who'd been informed that Nolan was Sandman, as Crystal remained at the sidelines barely conscious. Nolan also revealed that Monger was in fact Dillon, who'd been brought back from the grave by Benedict to kill him. Nolan fought the four teens and came out on top with a bullet in his leg.

Nolan and Dillon proceeded to engage in combat, knowing fully well that one of them was going to die. Nolan barely kept up as he was beaten and tossed off the side of a cliff. Dillon walked to the edge, knowing that Nolan hadn't gone over the edge and found the side of the cliff crumbling. Nolan warned Dillon that the cliff wasn't going to hold him, only for Dillon to accept his fate as it crumbled under him. Nolan caught Dillon before he fell to the rocks and river below, attempting to save Dillon from dying again.

Dillon, seeing that Nolan wouldn't be able to save them both due to his current state, opted to chop his arm off in order to keep Nolan from falling as well. Nolan solemnly looked to the rocks below then to Crystal who'd regained conscious. As they joked about needing to go to the hospital, Nolan took notice of Kayla sitting in a tree nearby with a rifle in hand. Kayla, who had been sent by Benedict before hand to kill Sandman, reluctantly pulled the trigger and shot Nolan in the heart as per instructions.

Nolan's gas mask strap broke off, revealing his identity to Kayla before falling off the side of the cliff to the rocks below to his death, leaving Kayla in shock with her actions and Crystal gaping at the loss of her friend.

In 'KND: 2030', in Morpheus domain, the god of dreams comes across the gauntlet with the Gem of Dreams, along with what appeared to be Nolan buried in the sand.

In 'KND: Redeeming Tendencies' despite his body not being recovered, a funeral was held for Nolan and his secret of being Sandman revealed to the world. His funeral was attended by close friends, allies, and even enemies such as Affright, Holiday, Promethean, The Moose, and Pester in respect for their fallen foe.

Later, after Kayla quit working for Benedict, she finally slept and found herself in a white void. Morpheus, as Nolan, approached Kayla, and attempts to calm her guilt ridden conscious. Morpheus reveals to Kayla of the upcoming return of Nigel Uno and dark hours and told her that she could change her fate. He presented Kayla with three paths, red, blue, and white.

Kayla chose the white path, which represented a fresh start. As Nolan, Morpheus then took Kayla's hand and told her that he would always be by her side. As Kayla awoke, she found a box with a gas mask on her desk.

In KND: Galactic Endgame, after someone parading as 'Sandman' is appointed as the law in Quahog, Morpheus assumes Nolan's form and invades Kayla's dreams once more in order to finally rid her of her guilt, and successfully does so. Morpheus returns to his domain to find an angry, very much alive Nolan scolding him for his actions. Morpheus argues that his actions were necessary and deems Nolan a failure. Morpheus toys with the idea of killing Nolan, but ultimately sides against it due to his connection to other successful envoys. He presents Nolan with an ultimatum, to go home and not interfere with his plans, or all of his friends would die in their sleep. Nolan sides with the former and leaves Dream's domain and goes to live with his mom in Civic City. Carol Pariuhs, while on a mission, encounters Nolan in Civic City.

After the Earth is invaded by the GKND, Nolan, seen alive, and many others partake in the ensuing battle. Eventually, Nigel Uno returns from speaking with Morpheus and defeats Cindus. Immediately afterward, Nigel leads all forces loyal to him, including Nolan to the location of The Scales, a super weapon left behind by the Old Gods, the weights which activate the weapon being the Book of KND and Father's Pipe.

Father and his followers would do battle with Nigel's, leading to a showdown between Benedict and The Prospectors, Nolan would do his best in the fight, only to be called a thorn in Benedict's side and promptly broke Nolan's back. Nigel and Father, both powered by the blood of Uno fight over The Scales, their battle taking them beyond Earth and Time itself. The battle ended with The Scales destruction and the worlds opinion of Benedict falling to an all time low.


  • Darth Genious: The Brain rescued Nolan from certain doom and allowed him into his team of villains. The Brain wishes to make Nolan his apprentice.
  • Danika Anderson: Danika became Nolan's partner after joining the BOE. They go on missions together and Danika helps him around by either pushing his wheelchair or holding onto him while they fly using shadowbending, which Nolan can never get used to. In the future, he is married to her, and they have a son named Dillon, named after Nolan's late friend.
  • Madame Rouge: Ever since Nolan joined the BOE, Madame Rouge never took much liking to him and vice-versa, probably because Nolan rivals her as Brain's number one operative. But when Nolan saw her run over some GUN Troopers with a bus that looked similar to the one that killed Dillon, he grows very suspicious of her. His suspicions were proven when Rouge revealed to be the one who killed Dillon, and Nolan's morals were tested when he had the change to rid her of her powers. But he ignored this chance and let Rouge be, but was satisfied when she became frozen. However, when Rouge gets unfrozen 20 years later, Nolan long since abandoned his anger toward her, and Rouge's slight reform has led them to have a mutual relationship.
  • Dillon York: Dillon is the son of Nolan and Danika in the future. He is named after Nolan's late friend, and is also a shadowbender, and his shadow's name is Mario.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz: Vanellope became Nolan's adopted daughter after Dillon found her in Cyberspace.
  • Ava: One of three people on Nolan's revenge list, due to her tricking him into lowering Moonbase's defenses.
  • Lizzie Devine: Lizzie was on his revenge list, due to her accidentally crushing his legs.
  • Numbuh 58: Nolan and Gwen seem to have a rocky history together. Nolan and Gwen used to date, before Gwen broke up with Nolan for refusing to join the rest of Sector Q in joining the Decommissioning Squad. The two of them, along with the rest of Sector Q, are usually at odds with their beliefs.
  • Numbuh 1772: Mario and Nolan became fast friends after fighting Teen Tornado. After finding out that Mario would have to be decommissioned, Nolan silently grieved. Two years later, however, Nolan and Mario remained friends. Mario acts as Nolan's informant for everything going on within the teens. Whenever Mario wants tacos, Nolan is never one to argue about getting them.
  • Numbuh 414: Dillon was the one who offered Nolan a chance to join the KND. Dillon's death hit Nolan hard. In times of doubt Nolan goes to Dillon's grave to let out all of his frustrations.
  • Numbuh 112: Nolan and Edward seemed to of had a mutual friendship. Before Edward was decommissioned, he entrusted Nolan with his personal 2x4 sonic gauntlets.
  • Rack and Ruin: Rack and Ruin look up to Nolan, seeing him somewhat as a replacement for their deceased brother, Dillon.
  • Josh Puncture: Josh is Nolan's best friend, or at least the closest thing to a best friend. Josh is also Nolan's second-in-command in the Prospectors. Nolan seemed to have the utmost respect for Josh and vice-versa. Josh has on many occasions, and vice-versa, helped Nolan out of moments of self doubt and reclusion.
  • Corey Sanderson: Nolan sees Corey as his responsibility, just like the rest of the Prospectors he's led into battle. Corey's death in Gamewizard's universe has haunted Nolan, serving as one of the final pushes to his descent.
  • Kayla Valera: Nolan first officially met Kayla after bumping into her accidentally near Lime Rickey's. The two maintain a stable relationship. Nolan is, however, unaware of Kayla's employment under Father. Later on in Nolan's teenage years, their relationship is strained due to Nolan's double life as Sandman and Kayla's activities with the Delightful Children and many suitors. Due to his supposed death, Kayla has been forced to move on and vice-versa.
  • Bob Johnson: Nolan had originally thought Bob as a real friend, until Bob had shot Stevie Rotorson and Vana Warhawk. Nolan is currently looking into his whereabouts to bring justice to the traitor.
  • John C. Fright: Nolan and John were originally good friends, until John became Affright. John is now Nolan's complete opposite as Sandman, Nolan representing dreams as John represents nightmares.
  • Crystal Wickens: Nolan stood up for Crystal one day, fearing that she may become like John. Crystal donned a costume and began to call herself Wiccan. The two of them work together to keep Quahog safe.
  • Wesley Dodds: Wesley was Nolan's father figure as he grew up. Dodds saw the potential in Nolan and then began to rain him, secretly choosing him to be his successor as Sandman.
  • Carol Pariuhs: Nolan and Carol were friends from Arctic Training and original members of the Prospectors. Upon her departure from the KND along with the death of Numbuh 3:16, Nolan became a recluse for sometime.
  • Death's Head: Nolan and Death's Head have crossed paths more than once, even owing one another favors from many undocumented adventures. Both hold one another in high regard.
  • Thomas Topkins: Nolan and Thomas were friends in Arctic Training, usually getting into trouble. Nolan originally approached Thomas be a founding member of the Prospectors but declined.
  • Morpheus: After the death of Wesley Dodds, Nolan inherited his mentor's link to the god of dreams.
  • Caesar Clown: Caesar once kidnapped Dillon's son and his friends, threatening to use them for experiments. Nolan foiled Caesar's business on Punk Hazard and got him arrested by KND.
  • Vergo: Vergo is the one who killed Nolan's father, and was his father's former general in GUN. Nolan didn't really bare any grudge since it happened so long ago, however he had to stop Vergo from continuing his plans with Caesar.


Nolan wears khaki cargo jeans, black combat boots, a black and blue long sleeved shirt. He has short black hair and two scars on his left wrist. He later gets a scar on his right cheek after Danika cuts him across the cheek with her dagger. During his time as 'Sandman', Nolan wears two different versions of the costume. The first version includes a gas mask, fedora, dress shirt and tie, a trench coat, and his khaki cargo pants. The second version of his costume includes a modified gas mask, a grey hoodie, black shoulder and knee pads, black cargo pants and gloves.


Nolan was originally a timid child with a military father and business woman mother. Nolan only took orders without thinking for himself. After joining the KND, Nolan grew confident as he gained friends. After constant heart break, the deaths of those he cared for, and constant tests of morality, Nolan became less doubtful in his actions becoming more cold and calculating before finally living his life by the teachings of his mentor Wesley Dodds.


Nolan has above average intelligence which he uses to compensate for his lack in hand to hand combat. He is the creator of several 2x4 weapons including: the M.U.S.S.K.E.T., the M.U.M.B.L.E.R., and completing the H.E.A.D.S.E.T.. Nolan also specializes in using M.A.R.B.L.E.S. for contingency plans. After becoming a cripple, Nolan received a special wheelchair that helps compensate for his lack of the ability to walk and hand to hand combat. Nolan also possesses an uncanny memory, being able to remember overlooked details from his past. Nolan has used his memory to discover both Figure's and Monger's identities. He earned the nickname "Locksmith" in Arctic Training as an insult for his inability to crack practice locks under the time limit.

In the KND: Universe, all of Nolan's tech, except his H.E.A.D.S.E.T. are destroyed by the Delightful Children 2.0. He then moves onto using the weapons first used by the original Sector Q, including Edward's sonic gauntlets, Mario's G.U.M.M.E.R., and Dillon's H.A.T.C.H.E.T..

As "Sandman," Nolan originally utilizes a gas gun that shoots knock out gas and a grappling hook gun along with a gas mask. He also utilizes a pump gun that shoots homing beacons. After the death of Wesley Dodds, Nolan inherits his prophetic dreams. Later in his life, as Sandman, Nolan is granted a gem of mystical properties. The gem then would allow him to travel to and from the Dream Realm.

Nolan uses Formula Q to restore power in his legs, making him more capable in combat and stealth maneuvers. Later, he unknowingly swallows Caesar Clown's Revan-Revan Fruit, giving him psychicbending.


  • H.E.A.D.S.E.T.: his most treasured invention that can access the KND's secret files, and even virtualize his body (and others) into Cyberspace.
  • Wheelchair: he once had a high-tech wheelchair that could launch missiles, lasers, electric net, a punching glove, rocket boosts, and possessed a computer. After it was destroyed, the KND made him a 2x4 replica, but as he grew into his Sandman years, he came to use a wheelchair with minor technologies and preferred stealth-style combat.
    • Glider: built in his wheelchair, he uses it to fly long distances, namely across cities.
  • Gem of Dreams: a mystic gem that can let him enter the Dream Realm and dissolve his body into sand, letting him avoid attacks, and lets him reform. He entrusted the gem to Madotsuki after the Seven Lights Saga.
  • Detective Vision: a function in his goggles that X-ray scans the area and allows him to see people behind barriers. The vision marks interactive objects and which enemies have weapons. It can also pick up sound sources.
  • Wristwatch terminal: a small device around his arm he can use to hack any terminal. He can listen in on enemies' conversations and track down radio transmissions. It also provides him a map of the general area, and has a small flashlight to see in dark areas. He can download the camera system for a building and have access to the cameras through his wristwatch.
  • Grappling hook: allows him to latch and pull him to high places and swing great distances. He can also pull down targets too high to reach.
  • Boomerang: a small tool that can cut any weak object, dizzy enemies, and will always return to him.
  • Gas gun and mask: a gun that can shoot clouds of gas to knock out enemies or provide cover, and his signature mask to protect himself from it.
  • Shock Rod: a large gun that can shoot small electric spheres to power devices or stun enemies.
  • Grapple-Cam: a small ball with a camera and grappling hook that latches onto any surface. It can transmit Nolan's voice via a microphone and self-destruct.
  • Snake Charmer: a flute that can attract snakes and make them help Nolan in some way.
  • Sandmobile: a vehicle he invented himself that can both drive and fly terrific distances in a short amount of time.
  • Poltergust 5000: a vacuum that can absorb elemental spirits and fire that element at targets.

Thanks to a magic spell from Dr. Facilier, Nolan's items will respawn on his person if they are lost or destroyed.


Using too much Formula Q will result in a terrible crash when it wears off, and he will be unable to move well. After consuming the Revan-Revan Fruit, he struggled for control of his mind with Revan Bane, and he would attack his own friends against his will sometimes. Nolan is unable to swim thanks to his condition, and the Devil Fruit later contributes to this factor.

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  • Nolan's theme song is "Out of Control" by Hoobastank. Nolan's theme song in the KND: Universe is "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell.
  • Nolan is the adult character in the Nextgen Series with the most screentime and the most action stages. He is also one of few male adults to have stardom compared to females.
    • Nolan is the first parent in the Nextgen Series to have an action stage, and therefore some gameplay style. Just as well, he is the only character to have stages in the First Series and Nextgen Series.
  • Nolan's numbuh, 2030, was derived from his creator, Depthcharge2030.
  • Nolan's last name "York" and nickname "Locksmith" are references to Red vs. Blue character York.
  • There have been several spin off versions of Nolan since his creation in 2011.
    • The first being Sandman (OM) from the short lived Out of Mind series.
    • In Death's Head's origin there was always the parapalegic Lupex who'd recently been canonized as an alternate Nolan, explaining the almost symbiotic relationship between Nolan and Death's Head.
    • And the most recent being Nolan York (Legends), who hails from the Legends Universe.
  • Nolan was originally created for Gamewizard's Minor Character Contest.
  • Nolan is left-handed.
  • Revan Bane wanted to give Nolan the Sith name, "Darth Ferior."
  • Nolan and Elijah Frantic both have scars on their cheek, and are OCs of Depthcharge.
  • His Sburb Title would be Knight of Justice, due to his superhero persona, and also referencing Batman the "Dark Knight".