Noire Sangsue

Noire Sansue (pronounced No-ar Sang-shi) was an operative from Sector Pa, which is in France. Her code numbuh is Numbuh 31.

She was transfered to Sector L when her mother moved to Virginia. It took the team a while to get used to her, but they finally accepted her on careful terms.

In the future, she is married to Eric Roberts.


Noire is very beautiful, she has long platinum blonde hair and bright crystal glasz eyes. She resembles a Veela and has the fiery personality of one, too.


She is hot tempered and angers really easily. You do not want to be on the recieving end of her wrath. She has the outer appearance of a sweet, innocent little French girl. But when you discover more about her, it's just the opposite. Noire is very smart and cunning and can easily manipulate people, boys are her speciality, though.


In Sector Pa, Noire was in charge of creating 2x4 technology. Since they were stationed in Paris, a vast majority of their weapons are fashion based and very deadly, people always said fashion was to die for...


Eva RobertsEdit

"All that pretty shouldn't go to such a waste. You can contribute so much more to our society."

~Noire to Eva

Noire takes an immediate interest in the beautiful sector leader and tries to befriend her right away. This leads Eva to become suspicious of her. Her actions towards the leader are unclear as of now.

Eric RobertsEdit

Eric is Eva's older brother in Buddygirl1004's universe. When Eric first meets Noire, he develops a crush on the girl. In the future they are married and have five children together, four daughters and one son.

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