My Little Aliens is a one-shot written by Gamewizard2008, taking place after Attitude Adjustment in the Firstborn Prequels. Cosmo and Nova are running from Nolan, Danika, and some Stormtroopers in a forest. Meanwhile, a 14-year-old girl - Emily Matthews - is at home watching Invader Zim, wishing to meet an alien. That's when Cosmo and Nova find her house and climb into her window - much to her surprise - wanting her to hide them. She hides them under the stairs as the Stormtroopers come into her house. Nolan watches Emily; having a small conversation with her, as Danika and the Troopers search the house. They are about to find Cosmo and Nova under the stairs, but Cosmo uses a cloaking device to hide them, so they don't notice. The villains leave the house as Cosmo and Nova run to thank Emily. Emily decides to let them stay at her house.

My Little Aliens was published on September 13, 2011.

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