Mushroom Greens


Bullet Bills, Bill Blasters, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros., Egg robos


Mario, Sonic, and Yoshi

Number of Acts:




The Mushroom Greens is Mario and Sonic's first level in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, and the first stage of the story.


The stage is a grassland of hills and many mushrooms, and is inhabited by mostly Eggman and Bowser's minions. Act 1 was Mario's part, and it was mostly fighting off Koopas and robots. Act 2 was Sonic's, in which he ran through, dodged obstacles, and took out robots. Near the stage's end, he grinded on rails inside an underground cave behind a waterfall, where he was then chased by a giant Cheep Cheep. He made his way out, but the Cheep Cheep followed him, but Mario launched a fire tornado and destroyed it, ending the stage. An egg fell from the ruined fish, and Mario hatched it, releasing Yoshi, who decided to accompany them.


Mushroom Greens' name is a mix of Mushroom Kingdom and Green Hill. Mushroom Kingdom was Mario's first stage in his franchise while Green Hill was Sonic's.

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