Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo (originally from Teen Titans) is an evil magician that works for the Brotherhood of Evil.


In Final Preparations, Mumbo and Knightbrace become friends when the latter joins the Brotherhood, comparing their similar voices. When The Brain sets the base to self-destruct, Mumbo orders all the villains into his hat to escape.

He set up a theme park in Legend of the Eight Firstborn that Rachel, Fanny, Patton, Sector W, and Shadow and Rouge fight through to find Harvey. They do battle with Mumbo inside his hat and defeat him, but Mumbo escapes as he shoots a Darkness Cannon at Shadow. During "Calling All Heroes", he and Knightbrace are able to capture Dr. Facilier, but Facilier would have his revenge as he battles Mumbo and breaks his wand in "Heroes Together." Mumbo is frozen with the other villains. They would all escape 20 years later.

In Sector MG, Mumbo, Skulker, and Technus would trade the captured Oliver Orson in exchange for the Hat Kid with Sector MG. The sector makes the trade as Mumbo seals Hat Kid in his hat and makes his way to his circus tent. He would speak to Hat Kid inside his hat as she is introduced to her long-lost sister, Mustache Girl, who helped the Brotherhood plan this capture.


Mumbo is a tall man with cyan skin, a long nose, white hair around a bald scalp, a tiny white beard and mustache, and a mask over his eyes. He wears a red cape over a black tuxedo, a black bowtie under his neck, and a yellow flower pin (which squirts water) beside it. He wears white gloves, black pants, black shoes, and a black top-hat.

This form is actually granted to him by his Parlor Wand. He is actually a short old man with grey hair and gray eyes. He wears a white T-shirt and brown pants.


Mumbo speaks with a high, nasally voice. He is always happy and smiling cockily, and loves a good trick once in a while. He is rather narcissistic, as he modeled his Hat Town after himself, named all the citizens Mumbo, and made everyone fans of Mumbo.


Mumbo is a talented parlor-type magician whose spells primarily revolve around pranks or tricks. He created a city themed after himself inside his own hat, along with people modeled after himself. He uses this hat to contain prisoners.


If Mumbo is dealt a powerful blow inside his hat, he and his prisoners will be forced out of it.

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  • Mumbo is voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voices Knightbrace and uses the same tone, hence their conversation.
    • That scene was a reference to Family Guy, where Carter and Dr. Hartman compare voices, and they also make the comment where "some voices are bound to be similar."