Muffy Baker

"Muffy... how many expressos have you had today?"

~Jess to Muffy in the one-shot Mocha Lips.

Muffy Baker is Numbuh 350 (pronounced 3 hundred and 50) Degrees.

Muffy works at Moonbase at Moondollars with her younger sister, Ginger.



Muffy is the co-head of Moondollars with her sister, Ginger. She was originally the head but Rachel made her share her position with Ginger because of her expressoo addiction.

Creation of her expresso addictionEdit

While writing the story Mocha Lips, Morgan was having trouble figuring out Muffy's personality. A conversation with April, who had gone to the mall with Ingrind, who was high on expressos, gave her the idea


Ginger BakerEdit

Ginger is Muffy's younger sister by two years. The two sisters are close. Ginger works at Moondollars with Muffy.

Jess JonesEdit

Jess and Muffy are cousins. Jess is constantly trying to help Muffy with her expresso addiction.


Muffy has curly, chocolate brown hair and her eyes are the shade of freshly ripped blue berries. She wears a multi-shade pink shirt and blue jeans.


Muffy is a hyper-active, ADHD girl. She is constantly bouncing off the walls and usually has to be tied to a chair. She has an unhealthy obsession with espressos.

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