Mother Wisp

Mother Wisp

Nega Mother Wisp

Nega Mother Wisp

"Thank you." -Mother Wisp's apparent catchphrase.

Mother Wisp (originally from Sonic Colors) is the Spirit of Color and Queen of Planet Wisp. She is the mother of Gabe, Jeremy, and all Wisps.

Mother Wisp


All Wisps (children)




Nigel, Darkrai II, Star Spirits


Irken Empire, Dimentia (formerly)




Planet Wisp




Spirit of Color, Ruler of Planet Wisp

Good or Bad?


Eye color:


Mother Wisp cont.


Her Wisps, colors, happiness


Negative energy, when people use her Wisps

Other names:

Nega Mother, Nega Mother Wisp, Wisp Queen, Color Spirit


For her children to live in peace

Voice actor:

Jennifer Hale

First appearance:

Sonic Colors (2010)





Distinctive sign:

Three eyes.


When the Irkens and Dimentia enslaved her children, Mother Wisp became filled with negative energy and became a Nega Mother Wisp. She was captured by Dimentia and used as the core of GKND H.Q.. In Monty's Galactic Days, she eventually became so overpowered with negative energy, she broke free of her prison, but was subdued by Monty Uno.

In Operation: GALACSIA, when Nigel finally defeats Dimentia, Mother Wisp is restored to normal, thanking Nigel for saving her children.

Mother Wisp appeared in Truth or Dare: KND Plus Others as one of the many contestants. Littlemissfg called her and her Wisps "awesome", to which she replied with a thank you.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Mother Wisp was held captive by the Stormtroopers, until Sonic the Hedgehog saved her. The main heroes came to her to find the Jeweled Scepter's light source, until it was revealed it was inside Dimentia. She witnessed Dimentia's reform to the good side as the light appeared from her.


In her normal form, Mother Wisp is bright pink, has four tentacles, three bright blue eyes, and several antennas on her head.

In her Nega form, she is dark-purple, has no eyes, and a monstrous mouth with sharp teeth, which is part of her exterior. She has horns and a dark flower on her head, which is her one eye, and her weak point, and she has two arms with monstrous mouths.
Super Smash Bros04:44

Super Smash Bros. Brawl music - 02 battle (Kirby)

So Sad


Mother Wisp is a kind and caring mother, and very wise for her years. She tends to be grateful a lot, ordinarily saying 'Thank you' if someone gives her a compliment, or more importantly if someone saves her planet.


Mother Wisp speaks in a telepathic voice like most gods, and as a Wisp, she can float in the air and survive in deep space. Mother Wisp is a lightbender, and her power mostly revolves around color. It's possible she has the Color Powers of all the Wisps.


Mother Wisp is very susceptible to darkness, as if negative energy flows into the Fountain of Dreams, she will become a negative entity. This entity's weak spot is its flower-eye on its head.

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