Monsieur Mallah

Monsieur Mallah

Monsieur Mallah (French for "Mr. Bad") (originally from Teen Titans) is a big, brown intelligent gorilla, and The Brain's main assistant in the Brotherhood of Evil.


Firstborn SagaEdit

He first appeared in the one-shot "Evil's Intent", presenting to Nolan his new wheelchair.

In Operation: DEATH-EGG, Mallah reported to Brain that one of the Firstborn Guardians was Chad's little sister.

In "Emily's New Pet", Mallah attempted to crush Emily Matthews with a boulder, using Zuri as bait, but she was able to rescue him and avoid it.

In Final Preparations, Mallah mostly accompanied The Brain. When they decided to retreat the base, Mallah carried Brain, leaving his canister to explode while everyone escaped.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Mallah still remained by Brain's side, usually reporting information to him. Before The Brain executed Order 66, Mallah was shown to have feelings towards Brain, and Brain seemed to return those feelings. In the final battle against the heroes vs. the Brotherhood, Mallah grabbed Brain from his canister as they tried to escape, but they were stopped by Nolan and Numbuh 1. They fell back to the arena, where Mallah was then bested by Ed and Double D, and was frozen solid with the other villains.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Mallah and the other villains are unfrozen 20 years later, but it's unknown what became of him.


Monsieur Mallah is a large, brown gorilla with a machinegun strapped to his back. He has yellow eyes and sharp teeth.


Mallah is a very intelligent, sophisticated gorilla who doesn't show much emotion. He is very loyal to his master, The Brain, and is shown to have homosexual feelings for him.


Mallah's intelligence gives him very knowledgeable scientific abilities, aiding Brain in building robots and other machines. He combines his intelligence with his gorilla strength. He also carries a machinegun on his back that fires a barrage of red lasers.

Stories He's AppearedEdit


  • Mallah was the only of Brain's henchmen that wasn't a boss in Firstborn.