Monger is an unwilling villain in the Out of Mind universe. Monger was originally a Kids New Dictatorship operative known as Numbuh 414 who, along with the rest of his sector, had a change of heart and sought to change the KND. Unfortunately, the current Supreme Commander had them locked up and imprisoned for treachery. During an escape attempt, Numbuh 414 was accidentally left behind.
Dillon Monger

Monger. The thing on his back is his main weapon.

Later, Numbuh 414 would become Monger would be transferred to the KND Undersea Lab, where he was experimented and turned into a single minded walking tank.

Monger was set to appear in Out of Mind. Before its discontinuation, Monger was going to be sent by Numbuh 101 to kill the Delightful Children's main supporter, Benedict Uno, the current Father of the United States of North America. Monger would be unsuccesful and be freed from the control the KND had over him during a fight with Death's Head. Monger would then literally rip apart the Undersea Lab in search for the one who was responsible for his current status. As the Undersea lab began to flood, Monger would hold Numbuh 74.239 by the neck and rip his mouth plate off, causing Numbuh 74.239 to scream in terror before they both drowned.


Before the experiments, Monger was an average fighter and his team's weapons specialist. During the experiments, the KND science nerds implanted several mechanical devices into Monger's brain, to the point where he lost most of his emotions and personality. The science nerds also removed his ability to talk by welding a metal mouth plate to his face. Monger's weapon of choice is a full auto machine gun with a blade at the bottom.


Monger is based off the Meta from Red vs Blue.

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