Molgera (originally from Zelda: Wind Waker) is a giant sandworm monster that inhabits the Sun Temple on Planet Secco. He is the Sun Temple's boss in Legend of the Eight Firstborn. Upon his defeat, he goes into a cocoon. Later in the story, Molgera's cocoon hatches, and he becomes the sandbutterfly, Wingbeater, which was one of many bosses in The Scattered Realms stage.
Zelda The Wind Waker Music - Molgera (2nd Time)02:36

Zelda The Wind Waker Music - Molgera (2nd Time)

Molgera Returns


The Wingbeater boss was first thought up by a friend of Gamewizard's back when they were doing their own little KND adventures. That same friend also thought up the Firstborn.

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