Mobius Dick

Mobius Dick

Mobius Dick (originally from Futurama) is a great, legendary white whale that travels through Time and Space.


Monty and the gang encountered it after their mission to Cloud City in Monty's Galactic Days, and laughed at its name. The whale gestured them to follow it through the portal, which they did, winding up in several different times, such as the dinosaur era right before Ice Age, Shan-Yu and the Huns attacking China, Lord Voldemort getting his nose broken and blaming James Potter, and Violet becoming a werecat (though most of these things were caused by Jar Jar Blinks, whom the team found in the dinosaur era). The whale last took them to a time where Monty was playing with his friends after Grandfather's defeat, and before Monty went to GKND. After watching that scene, the whale finally took them all back to the present and flew off. It was revealed later that the Nightmare King sent the whale to take them through that time trip to remind Monty of his friends.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Mobius Dick brought Nova back to her friends after the Ocean Saga. Ganondorf and Hannibal were surprised by his appearance.

In Legend of the Seven Lights, Apis subconsciously summons Mobius Dick while they were trapped in the Star Train. The great whale bites a piece of the train off to rescue the operatives and Ratchet.


Mobius Dick is a huge whale of greyish-white color. It has several worm-like antennas on its head, and bright green eyes. It has very sharp teeth that are able to bite a spaceship.


Mobius can travel through both Time and Space. He is an extremely rare creature to find, as he always jumps through portals created in space, going to different times. He is able to bring people with him if they follow. He is able to breathe and fly across space at will, and instead of water, he sprays Star Dust from his blowhole. His humongous size makes him considerably strong, and his teeth are able to munch almost anything.

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