"Without rules there is no stability, nothing holding back the evil of the world." - Minh stating his views on rules.

Out of MindEdit

Minh is a member of the Delightful Children in the Out of Mind universe. He is a by-the-book kind of kid, often disliked by others due to his need to live by the rules.

Minh is set to appear in "Out of Mind", supporting Bruce Uno's team in infiltrating X-Middle School. Before its discontinuation, Minh was expected to be one of the few remainig members of the Delightful Children after their operations were outlawed by a brainwashed Benedict.

KND: UniverseEdit

Minh appears in KND: Galactic Endgame as a member of the Teens Next Door. He's noted to be a loyal operative even to his death at the hands of Lex and his treacherous TND insurgents.

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